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British Columbia Underwater Explorers Presents, Decompression Sickness Seminar via Zoom


Guy Shockey, a member of British Columbia Underwater Explorers (BCUE) is firmly committed to helping create a “just culture” in our diving societies where we can address injuries and incidents against a backdrop of learning. The purpose here is to explain how it made sense to have made the decisions divers made at that time for the people involved in an accident or event.

This is very different from a society where very little learning takes place and looks to ascertain “blame”. Unfortunately, in the diving world, the above scenario often occurs and is particularly popular in discussions about diving accidents involving decompression illness.

Guy reached out to Dr. Doug Ebersole, a cardiac surgeon, successful open circuit/closed circuit diver and mentor trainer from Florida with has a lot of experience working with patent Foremen Ovale repairs (PFO’s), as part of an ongoing campaign to help educate divers on the subject of decompression sickness and discuss it within the framework of just culture.

Dr. Doug Ebersole did a really interesting presentation at a technical diving conference in Bonaire a couple of years back and he agreed to do something similar for us all via Zoom, this coming December 5th, at 7 pm PST.

Doctor Ebersole is a very informative speaker and an expert on this subject, and Guy encourages anyone to attend who is interested in all aspects of PFOs and their repair.


Host: Guy Shockey (British Columbia Underwater Explorers)

Date: December 5th, 2020 at 7 pm PST.

Speaker: Dr. Doug Ebersole, Cardiac Surgeon

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