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Learn more about the F.T. Barney Shipwreck

FT Barney Shipwreck

According to Dusty Klifman, the Gorgeous wreck of the F.T. Barney sits 165′ down in Lake Huron with both masts strewn across the deck and a beautiful wheel intact on the stern of the schooner.

The F.T. Barney was an American schooner from the 19th century that sunk in 1868. In 1991, her wreck in Lake Huron near Rogers City, Michigan, was listed on the National Historic Places Register and a part of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary monitors the waters of the Great Lakes. The well-known invasive species of zebra mussels have spread throughout the area as indicated on the photos of the F.T. Barney.

FT Barney Shipwreck
Photo Credit: Blueyes Below

The F.T. Barney was designed by William Cherry in 1856, and Lewis Wells, both of Vermillion, Ohio owned it. F.T. Barney had a 126-foot beam and a gross tonnage of 254. In late 1857, she ran aground near Goderich, Ontario, but was successfully towed to Detroit, Michigan, for repairs.

On October 23, 1868, just after midnight, the Barney with a load of coal, was travelling from Cleveland to Milwaukee. Near Rogers City, Michigan, in Lake Huron, F.T. Barney and the schooner T.J. Bronson collided. In less than two minutes, Barney sank, but no lives were lost. The ensuing inquiry concluded that both vessels were similarly at fault.

The wreck remained undiscovered until 1987.

FT Barney Shipwreck
Photo Credit: Blueyes Below

This wreck was incredible to tour with so many artifacts to see, such as rigging blocks, the ship’s wheel, and even a lantern attached to the mast.

Dusty Klifman

FT Barney Shipwreck
Photo Credit: Blueyes Below

Photo Credits: Dusty Klifman of Blueyes Below

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