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Save 20% with Early Renewal Savings

There’s still time to renew and save on your 2021 PADI® membership fees. Renew by 31 December 2020 and save 20 percent off last year’s early renewal savings.

The 20 percent member renewal savings is just one example of COVID RELIEF efforts offered to help support you and your fellow PADI Members. PADI’s 2021 COVID RELIEF plan provides flexibility and options to best help PADI Members overcome the unique hardships they are currently facing as they move into the year ahead.

As a PADI Member, you are a trusted mentor, guardian and recognized leader in the world’s largest diver community. You are also a Torchbearer helping light the way toward a cleaner, healthier ocean. You worked hard to earn your PADI Member rating. Renew today and take advantage of this COVID Relief support and save 20 percent off to ensure no lapse in your membership or benefits.

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