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Introducing NEX Underwater Products – A New And Innovative Regulator Manufacturer

NEX Regulators

NEX Underwater Products is a new scuba company pushing the scuba market into new spaces. All of their products are designed and assembled in Monterey Bay, California, one of the biggest dive capitals in the world. Their designs are innovative and unique so you get the most out of each dive. Their regulators are quality tested in extreme conditions and depths. NEX Underwater Products applaud themselves in having long lasting and sustainable products.

NEX Regulators

They currently offer three styles of first stage regulators in two colors, chrome or PVD blue. Their original option is the most basic of the regulators with 4 low pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports. The next step up is the 5th port option which is an attachment to the original model and adds an additional low pressure port. The top of the line regulator style they sell adds a swivel with an additional 5 low pressure ports. This regulator greatly expands your hose routing options, which is especially useful for tech diving. NEX regulators are modular so they can be upgraded as your dive needs change.

NEX Regulators

NEX also manufactures second stages to accompany your first stage. These modular second stages come unbalanced, balanced non-adjustable or balanced with a diver adjustment. All second stages can come in black, white or yellow. In addition you can choose your hose length to simplify your dives with the hose that fits your needs.

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