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2020 – Zale Parry Scholarship Recipient

Olivia Thomas

The Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences has named Olivia Thomas as the new recipient of the Zale Parry Scholarship. Thomas is currently studying for a Ph.D. in anthropology with a concentration at Texas A&M University in nautical archaeology. A passionate diver all her life, underwater archaeology was one of the majors of her bachelor’s degree.

Before graduating from college, Olivia spent several months teaching scuba diving in the Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio quarries. She moved to St. Croix Island, USVI, where she taught scuba diving and volunteered for the reef conservation project of the Nature Conservancy. While living in the Caribbean, not only local culture and biodiversity but cultural heritage conservation and heritage tourism were more appreciated by Olivia.

She is very passionate about multidisciplinary research projects and providing opportunities for students to get hands-on experience, with a career goal of teaching anthropology courses at a college or university where she can also perform research and tutor her students. Olivia’s appreciation of the ocean and the sea is not limited to history and archaeology; she is an ardent supporter of organizations for wildlife and environmental conservation.

About The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences 

Its mission is to be a non-profit, international, multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to recognizing pioneers and leaders who have had a significant impact on the exploration, enjoyment, safety, and preservation of the underwater world.

The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences also presents the NOGI Awards given annually to diving luminaries and is “considered the ocean world’s Oscar.” The selection of winners is based on their record of diving world achievements and excellence. NOGI awards are presented to world-class diving community standouts who have distinguished themselves in one or more of four general categories and have had a global influence on diving: science, arts, sports/education and the environment.

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