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Girl Divers, Flo and Hannah, Row the Atlantic with Dolly Parton

Atlantic Antics 2020

We’ll explain how Dolly got involved later. When two divers told us they were planning to row across the Atlantic we thought, Wow, lockdown has certainly got to them. But No, Flo and Hannah are both ace rowers and have long wanted to take up the challenge of rowing the Atlantic and so, with their good friend Georgie, formed their team “Atlantic Antics” and are now training hard towards starting the 3000 mile Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge in December 2020.

Atlantic Antics 2020

So how does Dolly fit in? Well, the girls named their new R45 Elite boat from Rannoch “Dolly Parton”, so no doubt they’ll know the words of a few famous songs by the end of the trip. The record crossing stands at 29 days but usually takes about 60, so the girls will definitely be working longer hours than ‘9 to 5’. (Sorry, had to be done). Flo told us, “Our aim is to row across the Atlantic in under 45 days, although, just like diving, this will be very much weather-permitting!”

Atlantic Antics 2020

A challenge like this takes team work and lots of hard work so here at Team Emperor we thought that, while there is so little good news around, we’d support the girls and let the diving community know about their amazing effort so we can all offer them our support before and during the challenge. They are raising money for charity and you can see the details here

You can follow their progress on the Talisker website when the challenge starts on Dec 12th2020.  

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