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PADI Adventures App Promotional Toolkit


You’ve listed your PADI® courses, dive and snorkel and freediving trips on the PADI Adventures App™. Now what? Let your divers know how easy it is to book their next dive adventure with you using the PADI Adventures promotional toolkit.

Covering email, social media, website and in-store, these marketing resources will help you engage your divers, drive demand and earn commission via PADI Adventures.

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Social Media

Use these social media templates to let your divers know they can download PADI Adventures and book with you via the app.

PADI Adventures - Instagram Stories


Email is another easy way to get people booking through the app. The toolkit includes a simple-to-use email template that can go straight on to Mailchimp, which includes different images for headers.

In-Store Poster

Customize your PADI Adventures poster and display this in store to get your divers to download the app and automatically link with you.


People tend to enjoy watching a video rather than reading text, so embed this fun video on your website or social media to promote the app and increase your bookings.


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Please note: This toolkit and the creative templates are in English only. However, the resources have been designed to be edited by you in Canva and Mailchimp using your desired language and business information.

Four Great Reasons to Promote the PADI Adventures App

1. Zero commission on your divers
The more divers you promote the app to, the more divers will be commission free for you! Why? Because you won’t be charged any commission on bookings made by your divers*. So how does PADI know that a diver is “your diver”? Simply by checking if the diver’s account is linked with your dive center.**

2. Earn commission with the referral program
Every standard booking made by your divers, wherever in the world and with whatever dive center (except yours), within 12 months linking their account to your dive store, will earn you a 5% referral fee (special Covid-19 Terms & Conditions apply).

3. Build up your community with social events
Add special events like AWARE Week, PADI Women’s Dive Day or your free Wednesday dives and attract new divers to your community.

4. The ultimate dive vacation sweepstakes – now live!
PADI is celebrating the launch of the PADI Adventures global diving app by giving away incredible dream diving vacations in individual weekly sweepstakes! Find out more

If you aren’t already one of the more than 1,000 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts promoting activities via the PADI Adventures App, visit or email to start listing your adventures today.

* The service charge of 4.9% will still apply
** This linkage happens when you promote the app to your divers using your custom link/QR code, or when the diver associates their account with your dive center manually during the registration process in the app.

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