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Scubalamp Announces D-Max Strobe

Scubalamp has announced the imminent release of their D-Max strobe. It offers an underwater guide number of 32 controllable via 9 steps, via a circular flash tube with a color temperature of 5300°K. It has a 120° beam and can be triggered via both fiber optic and N5 electrical cables. It is powered by a Li-Ion battery pack containing 4 x 18650 cells, which offers 750 flashes at full power.

It will ship in Silver and Black versions. Please contact Scubalamp or your local dealer for availability and pricing.

Specifications from Scubalamp

  • GN:UW32
  • Max output: 250 watts
  • Flash tube: circular flash tube
  • Connection: optical cable / 5 pin sync cord/slave mode

Scubalamp video showing D-Max strobe in Slave mode

  • Beam angle: 120 degree
  • GN step: 9 steps

  • Recycle time (full): 0.5s
  • Battery : 4x 18650 lithium batteries pack
  • Number of flash (full) : 750 flashes

Scubalamp video showing D-Max strobe recycle time

  • 15 frames high-speed continuous shooting at 1st mode
  • 12 frames at 2nd mode.

  • Colour temperature : 5300K
  • Focus light : 5W / 500 lumens center focus
  • Depth rating : 60m/200 ft
  • Weight:120g(underwater) 1195g (land without battery)

Lithium battery pack.

At full power: 250 watts, 750 flashes, and 0.5s recycle time.

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