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Wetpixel Live: Favorite Images of 2020

Traditionally, Alex started a popular thread on the Wetpixel forum that called for people to post their favorite images from the preceding year. To celebrate the image making opportunities for 2020, he has shared his favourite images on Wetpixel Live, to inspire people to share their imagery on the “2020 Favorites” thread over on the forums. Please head on over, check out the thread and share yours. The year has been challenging in many ways, so this is perhaps a good way to celebrate what we actually managed to do?

Wetpixel Live is a free resource that consists of a series of discussion about topics of interest to underwater image makers. Now with over 130 episodes, the channel answers many of the common questions that are asked on the Wetpixel forum. Please head on over to the YouTube channel to browse the episodes, and subscribe if you would like to get notifications as new episodes are added. For those that wish to browse the episodes offline, it is also available as a paid download.

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