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2021 Diving Talks Conference Announced

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The Diving Talks conference will be taking place from 8 to 10 October 2021 in Troia, Portugal. It features eminent speakers from 10 countries giving presentations, a diving exhibition, and an optional opportunity to go diving.

For more information, or to register, please visit the Diving Talks website.


DIVING talks – Portugal 2021 – International Diving Congress Tróia, October 8 – 10


DIVING talks – Portugal 2021, is an international event for promoting and sharing knowledge on the underwater environment, which will occur in Portugal, October, 8 to 10, bringing Portugal the world’s leading divers, showing their best recent achievements.

DIVING talks will feature 26 Talks by keynote speakers from Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland United States, and Wales; host over 250 attendees from all over the world, in 3 fantastic days at the Tróia Peninsula – a gigantic dune that has been forming over thousands of years, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Sado estuary to the east.

DIVING talks is talking about diving; talking is an expression of communication, communicating is sharing; so let’s talk about diving, and share the Talks!


The objectives of the DIVING talks 2021 are the following:
* Build up a diving event with international visibility and attractiveness;
* Host the world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent initiatives;
* Allow the diving community to network with the world-leading divers;
* Show and debate technological advancements in diving;
* Establish in Portugal a new hub for all subjects related to diving, both technical and scientific.


The DIVING talks 2021 group of speakers will bring to the table exciting and new content to share and discuss with the international diving community.

  • Ahmed Gabr (EGY)
  • Alexandre Monteiro (POR)
  • Andrew Marriott (USA)
  • Armando Ribeiro (POR)
  • Belen Andres (ESP)
  • Jeff Lindsay (CAN)
  • Marissa Eckert (USA)
  • Mark Powell (ENG)
  • Martyn Farr (WAL)
  • Natalie Gibb (USA)
  • Nuno Sa (POR)
  • Oscar Camacho (POR)
  • Jill Heinerth (CAN)
  • João Neves (POR)
  • João Tasso (POR)
  • José Pinto (POR)
  • Krzysztof Starnawski (POL)
  • Laurent Miroult (BEL)
  • Marcus Blatchford (ENG)
  • Paulo Costa (POR)
  • Phil Short (ENG)
  • Portuguese Navy Divers (POR)
  • Rob Neto (USA)
  • Rui Luis (POR)
  • Sabine Kerkau (SWI)
  • Sami Paakkarinen (FIN)

This list can be updated periodically.


In 2019 and for the third consecutive year, Portugal won the “World ́s Leading Destination” award by WTA.

Portugal has a mild climate, 300 sunshine days per year, a vast coastline to the Atlantic Ocean (with over 1200 km extension), hundreds of beautiful beaches, and a two million square kilometers Exclusive Economic Zone (maritime domain).

These attributes are reasons why diving is fantastic, and yet, there is so much to discover.

Portugal offers perfect diving conditions; it is possible to dive all year round, excellent infrastructure for recreational and technical diving, from caves to wrecks and deep diving.
This Congress intends to be one more contribution to the recognition of Portugal as an international diving destination.
DIVING talks 2021 is also a pretext to put together the love for diving and a short trip with your crew, at the event location. ###Tróia.
The Troia peninsula is a gigantic sand dune that has been forming over thousands of years, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Sado estuary to the east. This unique location gives it an enormous wealth from the environmental point of view; a privileged setting, with beach, dune, marsh, estuary, and pine forest environments.

More information about Portugal, Visit Portugal website.
More information about diving in Portugal, visit Portugal Dive website.

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