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Video: Sony a7S III Test Footage by Natalie Gibb

Sony a7S III on Wetpixel

Sony started shipping the long-awaited a7S Mark III mirrorless camera earlier this year. It has been much hyped for its low light performance, so Wetpixel arranged to get a camera to the very talented Natalie Gibb of Under the Jungle along with a Nauticam WACP-1 to shoot in Mexico’s beautiful caves and cenotes. Here are some early results:

(Editors note: To get the best from this, please head on over to Vimeo and watch it is 4K.)

Natalie’s caption:”Rory from Survey Down believes that caves deserve to be mapped. He has been working on a map of Dos Palmas Cave, in Mexico, for the last year. I am excited to share the initial shots of our up-and-coming cave mapping mini-documentary.”

The footage was shot with a Sony a7S III in a Nauticam housing, with a Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens and a Nauticam WACP-1. Lighting was with 2 x Keldan 8X lights and up to 3 x Big Blue Black Molly lights. Shot at f/4, ISO16000. Shot in 4K 24fps and edited/graded in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Natalie is continuing to shoot, so please watch out for more footage that continues to test the camera to its limits soon.

Thanks to Ryan Canon and Reef Photo and Video for helping to supply the camera and gear to Natalie.

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