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PADI Dive Guides – Inform. Inspire. Acquire.

It’s a new year with new benefits available for all PADI® Members, starting with PADI Dive Guides™. Launching this month, PADI Dive Guides offers an easy, effective and free way for PADI Members to attract both potential and certified divers to explore diving in their own backyards.

What are PADI Dive Guides?

Hosted on, PADI Dive Guides are a new resource for divers to discover diving around the globe and book their next dive adventures with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. Potential new and certified divers can explore dive opportunities by continent and country, or drill directly down to specific dive destinations and dive sites. Divers can also connect directly with local PADI shops and resorts to book dive experiences and training.

Divers can get an overview of diving by continent and country:

Divers can also drill down to specific dive locations and dive sites:

How are PADI Dive Guides created?

Powered by the knowledge and expertise of the PADI membership, Dive Guides content at the destination and dive-site level is provided by PADI Members via an easy and intuitive online portal. As area experts PADI Retail, Resort and Professional members are best equipped to describe and promote local diving. PADI Staff creates the big picture overviews by continent, country, state or province, etc.; PADI Members provide the specifics by creating and editing destination guides – for example, diving in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – and dive sites. Think of PADI Dive Guides as the ultimate diving wiki for divers powered by the local knowledge and expertise of PADI Members.

How do divers find PADI Dive Guides?

Hosted on, PADI Dive Guides leverage the site’s massive online authority and organic search rankings to attract both new and certified divers to these pages. In addition, PADI is promoting Dive Guides across its extensive social channels and the Scuba Diving® media network. PADI will also position Dive Guides as a go-to diving resource via ongoing public relations outreach efforts, extending Dive Guides (and PADI Members’) reach beyond traditional diving audiences.  

As a PADI Member, how does PADI Dive Guides benefit me?

By leveraging’s reach and PADI marketing efforts, PADI Members can attract more customers to their location using Dive Guides. PADI Members who create and edit destination guides and dive sites are listed as contributors on these pages. PADI Retail and Resort contributors also receive links to business listings on, which can be created at no charge – these links and pages connect divers directly with the PADI dive operators.

PADI Members who use PADI Adventures™ to increase their dive and course bookings receive the added bonus of having their dive offerings appear on destination, dive site and dive business pages. This makes it easy for divers to immediately book online while diver interest and enthusiasm is high.

In addition, all PADI shops and resorts within a specific destination are linked on the related destination pages. Each listing includes a “Contact Shop” form to generate customer leads that are sent directly to the store or resort.

Store and Resort contributors receive recognition and a link to a free business listing:

 PADI Adventures participants have their offerings listed on relevant pages:

All PADI shops and resorts are linked from relevant destination pages with a lead generation form to connect customers directly to them: 

How do I get started with PADI Dive Guides?

Getting started with PADI Dive is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Log in to the PADI Dive Guides member portal.
  2. PADI Retail and Resort members create your dive business page.
    • This step is already done for all PADI Adventures’ participants.
  3. Create or edit a destination guide or dive site guide.
    • You can contribute in any of the following languages and PADI will handle translations across all language sites: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

If you’re not already participating in PADI Adventures, be sure to enroll and load your product offerings while you are in the portal to receive additional promotion and benefit from immediate customer bookings.

You can also watch this webinar to learn more about PADI Dive Guides and to get started today!

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