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PADI Library App Discontinued from 31 March

The PADI Library App is the platform that hosts PADI’s “Touch” versions of digital products. Effective March 31st, 2021 the PADI Library App will be discontinued and will no longer be available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The PADI Library App will still be accessible until May 1st for users that already have access.

There are equivalent products for nearly every Touch and Classic product which can be accessed through the PADI Training App, the new and improved platform for PADI courses and curriculum.

Over the past year, as the old Touch version of the programs became available in the new platform, codes for them have already been seamlessly issued on the new PADI Training app platform with no action needed on your or your students’ part.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below for further information.

  1. What will happen to unredeemed Touch or Classic codes?

All unredeemed codes will redeem as the equivalent new product upon redemption.  This is also the case for any codes you may have unassigned in your OLPC,

  1. What will happen to unredeemed Gift Passes

All unredeemed gift passes will redeem as the equivalent new product upon redemption.

  1. What will happen to product access for people who have previously completed a Touch or Classic course?

The next time the student logs into the Learning Portal or PADI Training App their account will be populated with the new equivalent version of their previous Touch/Classic product.

  1. How will a user access courses from mobile if the PADI Library App is no longer available?

The user will need to download the PADI Training App.  Once logged in, the App will contain the new equivalent version of their previous product.

  1. Will there be messaging in the PADI Library App notifying users of the App being discontinued.

Yes, a message letting users know they should download the PADI Training App has been displayed in the PADI Library App since the 1st March 2021 and once the Library App is discontinued a message will be displayed to that effect. The message explains that the PADI Training App is where the student can access the new versions of their product.

  1. When is the transition between the PADI Library App to the PADI Training App?

As of 31 March, the Library app will no longer be available to download in Google / iOS stores. Between 31 March and 30 April, users who have the Library app will still be able to access their courses. After 30 April 2011, the Library app will no longer be functional.  Users will no longer be able to see their courses.

  1. What about Divemaster eLearning which doesn’t have a new equivalent product yet?

Users will continue to access the “Classic” product for a period of time through the PADI Online Materials (OLM) portal.  Once the Divemaster eLearning course is available on the new platform, all purchases will be of the new product and will be accessed thru the PADI Training App or the Learning Portal.

  1. What will happen to users who are in the middle of a Touch or Classic course?

The chances of this being the case with a Touch product are slim since we’ve been converting codes since the release of the equivalent DominKnow version.  However, we’ve not been doing this with Classic codes, so the chances are higher that this may occur with Classic eLearning codes.  If this is the case, the student can print both their eRecords and combine.  Or, PADI can assign the student a code on the new platform and the student can complete their full course in the PADI Training App/Learning Portal.  Old eRecords will not carry over to new eRecords.

  1. The Undersea Journal used to be accessible thru the PADI Library App. Will this be the case with the PADI Training App?

No, you can access your Undersea Journals thru the Pros’ Site or the link sent with the digital version.

If you have additional questions about the PADI Library App retirement or about PADI digital products in general, please contact your PADI Regional Training Consultant.

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