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Responders in Action

In the United Kingdom

Emergency Responder: John Wood (#456370)
Action: At work, John saw a colleague walking irregularly before fainting and falling to the floor. He asked someone to call emergency medical services and cleared the area as he assessed the situation. With no obvious signs of cause, John began to gather a medical history from the victim, who was alert. After some signs of recovery, the victim asked to go to the bathroom, and afterward fainted again in a chair. With help, John lifted the victim back to the floor and provided cool compresses and loosened some clothing. The paramedics arrived and John provided a full description of what had happened and what he’d learned. Before leaving, one of the paramedics thanked John for such a detailed and professional patient assessment and medical history, and that he’d taken appropriate actions given the circumstances.

EFR Instructor: Christopher McKendry (#4171229)

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