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Retra Announces Pro X and Prime X Flashes

Retra has announced updated versions of their Pro and Prime flashes. Pro X and Prime X flashes have a 25% increase in recycle time and 20% battery efficiency improvement, along with a weight decrease, the option of mounting an opto-electrical converter directly to the flash, and a dedicated HSS mode switch. Please see Wetpixel Live for more details.

The Pro X and Prime X flashes are available to pre-order now, priced at €999 and €899 respectively. They will ship in early May.

From Retra’s website

Celebrating 10 years of innovation with a new Retra Flash

Retra Underwater Technology was brought into existence by the idea of precise light control in the underwater environment, enabling underwater photographers to create better images at any given condition.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of our pursuit of this idea and to celebrate this unique milestone we are introducing the best underwater flashguns we have ever made: the new Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X.

The new Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X are a clear evolution of our flashgun technology and design. We’ve kept all the features you love about the Retra Flash and improved in some crucial areas to extract even more performance from an already powerful package.

What’s new?

  • Up to 25% faster recycle times and up to 20% more flashes per battery charge thanks to a optimized flash triggering system
  • New lightweight housing with an 8% reduction of total mass (all existing accessories remain compatible)
  • Redesigned optical sensing module with improved signal processing
  • Direct mounting for the E-Opto converter (no optical cable in between)
  • Improved TTL accuracy and TTL maximum power output (all existing converters remain compatible)
  • Reinforced mode and power dials in case of impact
  • Dedicated HSS mode on the control panel

Besides this we are introducing the new Supercharger X which features a lightweight design that is 25% lighter compared to it’s predecessor.

The new Retra Flash Pro X and Prime X will begin shipping at the end of April. Deliveries can be expected in the first half of May.

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