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Mares presents the Ice Skin

412102_Ice Skin

The Ice Skin brings extreme warmth to cold-water divers! This entry-level semi-dry suit has the same cut-style as the Flexa Graphene but with fewer features, allowing Mares to offer a comparable semi-dry suit at a lower price. The suit is made of 7mm elastic neoprene for maximum comfort and a custom fit.

Many features increase the Ice Skin’s warmth. The waterproof T-Zip zipper keeps water flow to a minimum, and the thermal protective internal lining provides a comfortable fit against the skin. Neck, wrist and ankle seals are made of Glideskin, creating a maximum seal, plus the wetsuit includes a preformed hood with purchase, increasing overall warmth.

The Ice Skin is not only warm but also extremely durable. With reinforced kneepads and extra grip material on the wrists, this semi-dry suit will withstand dive after dive after dive. Built with the active diver in mind, the Ice Skin also includes an integrated side pocket on the right thigh for storing any accessories you may need during your underwater adventures.

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