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PADI Women’s Dive Day 2021: Celebrate the Connection Between Humanity and the Ocean

With the overwhelming support of the dive community over the last six years, PADI Women’s Dive Day has unquestionably grown into a worldwide celebration that brings everyone together to foster a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages, backgrounds and experience levels to safely and confidently seek adventure and save the ocean. What began in 2015 as a way to encourage more female participation in the sport has evolved over the years, gaining traction across this industry with both males and females alike. Since it began, tens of thousands of new and experienced divers have taken part in more than 4,000 PADI® Women’s Dive Day events in over 100 countries around the world.

This year, we invite divers to join the global celebration on 17 July 2021 to help create balance between humanity and the ocean. PADI Members are encouraged to host an event – in person or virtually – that celebrates the diversity of the dive community and nurtures the connection between our communities and the waters where we dive.

Many places around the world are beginning to open for local business and even some limited travel, while other locations remain limited in activity. Whatever your situation, PADI Women’s Dive Day provides a unique opportunity to connect with your local dive community – whether its welcoming them back into the water with you or rallying your divers for a virtual event. Of course, safety guidelines should always be top of mind and best practices implemented.

Here are five tips to make the most of PADI Women’s Dive Day 2021:

1. Host a local activity. If you’re in one of the areas where diving is becoming possible again, consider using PADI Women’s Dive Day as an opportunity to welcome your divers back or invite new customers into your shop. Invite your community to join you for a local dive to explore a new dive site – some people may not be aware of all the great adventures waiting to be had near their own backyard. Plan a Dive Against Debris® to clean up a nearby site. Offer try-dive experiences like PADI Discover Scuba® Dives or plan an Open Water Diver course for women in the local community who may be looking for a new way to experience travels closer to home. Or encourage your female divers to try a specialty they might not have tried before – like Night Diver or AWARE Shark Conservation. Of course, be sure to follow all local regulations for gathering size limits, safety precautions and social distancing.

2. Plan an online event. If hosting an in-person event goes against local recommendations, or just isn’t practical for you, consider hosting an online event to connect with your local dive community. Just a couple ideas: Invite female staff or local marine life experts to host a webinar about local wildlife or issues impacting waters near you; host an online fundraiser for a local organization that’s working to create balance between humanity and the ocean in their own way. Spotlight women on your team who are having an impact on the local community or ocean health. Share their stories on your social media channels using #padiwomen, in your email communications or even get in touch with your local newspaper and ask them to spread the word even further!

3. Celebrate with the global dive community. If you’re not able to host an event this year (or even if you are!), join the world’s largest dive community and take part in the PADI organization’s robust lineup of online content and social activations that celebrate the female dive community and the important role they play in improving ocean health. On 17 July, join PADI on Facebook and Instagram for PADI Women’s Dive Day posts, videos, stories and live interaction. Leading up to the day, explore blog articles and videos at Share this content and invite your divers to follow along with the #padiwomen and #padiwomensdiveday hashtags.

4. Market your event locally. Invite your divers, potential customers and women in your local community to celebrate with you. Download the PADI Women’s Dive Day Marketing Toolkit for a variety of marketing assets including social posts, images, email headers and a press release template. Be sure to tag your photos and posts with #padiwomen and #padiwomensdiveday.

5. Benefit from PADI Marketing horsepower: register your event on the new Conservation Activities Locator. PADI Dive Centers, Resorts and Professionals can easily register their events on the new PADI Conservation Activities Locator to generate awareness of their events. The PADI Marketing Team will be driving potential new students and experienced divers to find an event near them (or online) through communications, marketing and public relations efforts. Registering your event has never been easier! Log in to the Conservation Activities Locator listing platform to register your event now. Be sure to check the box indicating that your event is for PADI Women’s Dive Day. Click here to learn more about posting your event to the new platform.

Thanks for all you continually do to strengthen the dive community, help to create balance between humanity and the ocean, and make PADI Women’s Dive Day the most celebrated day of diving on the planet, year after year.

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