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SSI will launch Marine Guide

SSI will launch Marine Guide as it continues to become a more sustainable company

Dive Guides and Divemasters are the spearheads of SSI Professionals when dealing with certified divers; therefore, SSI is proud to launch the Marine Guide Recognition ratings on July 1st 2021 for those SSI Professionals who become subject matter experts in the Ecology Programs.

To qualify as a Marine Guide, SSI Dive Guides or higher must be in active status and qualified to teach three or more of the SSI Ecology Programs.

Sustainable Company

Reliable environmental protection is essential for sustainable economic growth and the well-being of ourselves, our society, and our oceans.

Therefore, it is important to SSI that its corporate activities have the smallest possible impact on the environment and SSI’s products and programs inform everyone about relevant environmental topics and initiatives.

With the launch of Blue Oceans, SSI’s environmental pledge became more detailed, and passion turned into a genuine initiative.

Here is where SSI conservation initiatives currently stand:

All physical SSI certification cards are made of environmentally friendly bio PVC and are 100% biodegradable.
With our free MySSI app, customers can complete their training “card-free” and further their education while saving additional resources.
SSI has set a company-wide goal to reduce plastic packaging whenever possible and find alternative environmentally friendly packaging options. Many products are packaged exclusively in cellulose packaging or paper.
With our free Blue Oceans program, SSI explains the importance of protecting the ocean and how anyone can quickly support this effort in their daily lives.
Education and training are the first steps in protecting the oceans. SSI offers various ecology programs, including Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, Coral Identification, and Manta & Ray Ecology.
With the update of every training program, SSI integrates sustainable diving practices for students and pros of all levels to create more awareness and make a true change.

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