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Alexey Molchanov Surpasses His Freediving World Record

Alexey Molchanov

This past weekend, Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov set a new world record for freediving in the Constant Weight (CWT) Bifins discipline. During the International Adriatic Freediving Competition, Molchanov successfully dove 111 metres (364 feet) into the waters off Croatia. He exceeded his previous record by 3.28 feet (one metre).

Alexey Molchanov
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Overall, Alexey has set 12 world records (8 records were set by AIDA rules and 4 records by CMAS) and earned 18 combined individual and team gold, silver, and bronze medals at world championship events and has now exceeded his own record!

Alexey followed his mother Natalie’s footsteps into freediving and competes around the world. He often brings along with him, his camera and drone, and you can find his underwater pictures in online galleries and exhibitions.

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