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How to Get that Dream Job

Are you ready to get your dream job as a dive professional? If so, the new PADI Job Board is the place to start your search. Now available via the PADI Pros’ Site, the PADI Job Board’s expanded features will help you to create a professional profile that captures the attention of the best employers. 

How to Create a Winning Professional Profile

Creating a professional online profile helps potential employers gauge whether you will be a good fit for the company and have the experience it takes to fill an open position. Investing some time in creating your professional profile can make all the difference in being considered for a position or passed by.  Here are a few tips to make your online profile stand out from the crowd:

Write an Intriguing Job Title
Hiring managers often scan lists of applicants first, so make sure your job title provides a quick preview of what they can expect from you. To do this, first think about the skills or experience you possess that would be appealing to a hiring manager. Then, pick a few words that convey this information and add it to your job title. Here are a two examples:

Job Title example #1: PADI Instructor
While this title clearly states the applicant’s instructor rating, it doesn’t necessarily tell the hiring manager anything about the applicant’s experience or additional skills. 

Job Title example #2: Experienced, bi-lingual PADI Instructor & U/W Photo Pro
This description quickly tells the hiring manager more of your story and qualifications. At a quick glance, the employer knows this person is an experienced instructor that speaks multiple languages and possesses underwater photography skills. Being specific with your job title may limit the number of employers seeking your skills, but the ones that do connect with you will be a much better match for your employment expectations.
Upload a Professional Profile Photo  
While you may be tempted to leave the profile photo blank, including a photo helps employers get a sense of who you are. But, don’t just post any photo of yourself – make sure it is professional while also helping convey your story to the hiring manager. Take a look at the two images below (courtesy of PADI Americas Regional Manager, Steve Heaton):

Both images clearly depict Steve as the dive professional he is. The first image might be more appealing to a business in search of an operations or store manager, while the latter might be more appealing to a business seeking an experienced instructor to lead their dive team. If you don’t have a professional headshot, take a look at some images that you already have. The shot of Steve in dive gear was actually cropped from a group shot. Just be sure the image is professional and depicts you in the way you want potential employers to perceive you.

3. Include an Introductory Summary
We’re going to assume that creating a Candidate Description about yourself goes without saying – right? Trying to capture the attention of a hiring manager without describing your experience is about as effective as sending a blank email. Your description is your “why me” opportunity to sell yourself and your skillset. At the beginning of your description, include a brief introductory summary of yourself and your skills. This is a few sentences (no more than four) that summarize your experience and skills, achievements, and any quantifiable results. Be sure the information you include is relevant to the position(s) you are seeking. Following is an example of an introductory summary:

Seasoned PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and store manager with 5+ years’ experience working in high volume, dive retail environments. Achieved PADI Gold Elite Instructor rating for three consecutive years. Proven track record at leading sales and training teams, increasing store sales by 15% YOY.

Following your introductory summary, you can then delve more into the details about your experience and qualifications.

4. Decide if Your Profile will be Public or Private
In the PADI Job Board, you have the option to set your professional profile to either public or private. When you select “public” all employers can see your profile regardless of whether you applied for an open position or not. When you select “private”, only employers of jobs you have applied for can see your profile. 

5. Create a Profile with Bonus Points
Put the finishing touches on your professional profile by spending a few extra minutes adding languages spoken, links to your social profiles, a cover photo and links to your downloadable CV/resume. Taking the time on these little extras helps tell employers you are thorough and conscientious about your career approach. 

Are you ready to start your search for your dream job? Get noticed at the new PADI Job Board! Within the first two weeks of launch, the new Job Board had more than 31,000 visitors and this number continues to climb. Position your profile in front of the world’s largest dive retail and resort network – log into the PADI Pros’ Site to access the new PADI Job Board today!

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