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Hiring for Success

Are you are looking for the perfect person to fill an open position? The new PADI Job Board is the place to start your search. Now available via the PADI Pros’ Site, the PADI Job Board’s expanded features will help you to create job posts that attract top job applicants.

How to a Create a Winning Job Post

The type of information and how you position a job opening can greatly influence the relevancy of the job applications you receive. Investing time upfront on your job post can save you a lot of time in the screening and interview process later by ensuring your post attracts qualified candidates:

1. Create Your Company Profile

While it may be tempting to simply post a job title and brief description, your company profile plays a significant role in attracting the right candidates for your business. It tells the story of your business and gives perspective applicants an idea of whether they will fit in with your company culture. Things you can include in your company profile include:

a brief company history and number of years in businesscompany sizecompany culture and what the business stands forcompany logowebsite and social linksphotos and a few details about the founding members and key staff

You should also spend a little time describing your company’s location as this may influence candidates as much as the position itself or the rate of pay. The new PADI Job Board makes it easy for you to populate all of this information on Company Profile page.

2. Write a Compelling Job Title

Job applicants tend to scan job lists first, then take a closer look at positions that capture their attention. To get the attention of job seekers, you need to write a compelling job title – one that not only includes the name of the position, but also a few words about the position’s benefits. Here are two examples – decide which one gets your attention:

Job Title #1: Scuba Instructor Wanted Job Title #2: Fulltime instructor position – great benefits, professional team, opportunities for advancement

3. Write a Job Post, Attach the Job Description

A job post and a job description sound like the same thing, right? You will oftentimes see a job description posted, with every aspect of a job’s requirements and duties listed in detail. While job descriptions are comprehensive, they can often be overwhelming (or underwhelming), especially when it comes to attracting top candidates. Instead, write a brief post describing the more marketable aspects of the position, the benefits, and job requirements. You can then include a link to the full job description or attach the job description for easy download. Here’s an example:

We are seeking a PADI Instructor with at least 3 years active teaching experience to join our high energy, environmentally conscious dive team. Competitive salary plus commission offered, opportunity for growth within the organization also available for the right individual. Benefits include:

Medical insurance Paid vacation timeOpportunity for growthFriendly, team atmosphereComfortable dress codeCommitment to ocean conservation

See job description for complete details.

4. Write an Introduction

When writing the job post, be sure to highlight a few of key responsibilities in the opening paragraph. This can include a few words about your business, the type of employee you are looking for and some of the more exciting aspects of the position. Here’s an example:

How would you like to work in paradise while also helping save the ocean? At Divers’ Dream, you will enjoy some of the world’s best diving while guiding divers in their underwater adventures and teaching them the importance of coral reef protection and restoration. As a PADI Instructor, you will work closely with your team members to develop and lead initiatives that influence both travelers’ and local community members’ actions to preserve and protect the island’s delicate reefs.

5. Create a Post with Bonus Points

When creating a post on the PADI Job Board, you can also include media attachments. Consider attaching a photo or video images of your location, your team, even your clientele to help sell the lifestyle and position your are offering. You can also include links to your social posts so potential applicants can get better acquainted with you and your business.

Writing a winning job post takes a bit of time and effort. But, doing so will reward you by attracting the best candidates for your open position.

Are you ready to start your search for the perfect employee? Attract more qualified applicants by posting your job on the new PADI Job Board. Within the first two weeks of launch, the new Job Board had more than 31,000 visitors and this number continues to climb. Position your job post in front of the world’s largest professional diver community – log into the PADI Pros’ Site to access the new PADI Job Board today!

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