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PADI Courses to Be Included in New Diving Degree

A new academic programme is being offered in Europe, allowing students to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Diving Safety Management. The three-year programme is the first of its kind and will give participants a comprehensive understanding of key aspects of the diving industry, particularly in respect of medical, operational and preventive safety measures.

In a press conference held at the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) campus in Qala, Gozo, in July 2021, Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection and Minister for Gozo inaugurated premises within the same campus which will be used for the International School of Diving Safety and Medicine (ISDSM).

Students will obtain a valuable qualification that will allow them to prove their competency in a wide range of important subject areas, and the coursework includes sessions on international placement to help successful graduates seek employment.

The syllabus includes a range of recreational diver training courses and all of these will be exclusively PADI courses. Students will complete the programme as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors and as Tec 50 divers, so that they will be ready to take on a range of roles in the diving industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Diving Safety Management is offered from the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) campus on Gozo, well-known as a diving destination and one of the Maltese Islands in the Mediterranean. The programme is being conducted in collaboration with DAN Europe and is pegged at level 6. It is offered through the International School of Diving Safety and Medicine, a school first launched in 2017 and formed specifically by DAN Europe and ITS.

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An Overview of the Main Topics

First Year

DAN – Oxygen Provider CourseDAN – PBLSD Automated External Defibrillator (AED) CourseDAN – First Aid – First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries CourseDAN – Check the hydration after the dive – Elective ProgramDAN – Basic research operator (BRO) – Elective ProgramDAN – Dive Medicine for Divers – Level 1 – Elective ProgramOpen Water Diver CourseAdvanced Open Water Diver CourseRescue Diver CourseEnriched Air DiverDeep Diver CourseBasic FreediverScientific Diver (Research Diver) – Elective ProgramBiomedical Signals and SensorsDAN – The Role of the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) – Level 1

Second Year

DAN – Advanced Oxygen Provider CourseDAN – Medical Oxygen Rebreather CourseDAN – On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers CourseDAN – Manage the emergency plan for divers lost at sea: prevention and survival – Elective ProgramDAN – Recognize Ear and paranasal sinuses barotrauma: prevention and safety – Elective ProgramDAN – Fire and Emergency Management – Elective ProgramDAN – Dive Medicine for Divers – Level 2DAN – Advanced research operator (ARO)Wireless Sensor Network and Communication SystemsDAN – The Role of the Dive Safety Officer – Level 2Divemaster CourseTec 40 CourseTec 45 CourseTec 50 CourseFreediverEquipment Specialist Lab 2 – Elective ProgramGas Blender CourseMethod International Placement

Third Year

DAN – BLS – Basic Life Support Instructor CourseDAN – Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Instructor CourseDAN – First Aid Instructor CourseDAN – Oxygen First Aid Instructor CourseDAN – Advanced Oxygen Instructor CourseDAN – On Site Neurological Assessment for Divers Instructor CourseDAN – First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries Instructor CourseDAN – RCAPP – Recompression Chamber Assistance & Partnership Program – Attendant – Elective ProgramDAN – Scuba Air Quality – Elective ProgramDAN – Prevent propeller injuries – Elective ProgramDAN – Dive Medicine for Divers – Level 3DAN – The Role of the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) – Level 3Instructor Development CourseTec 65 Course – Elective ProgramRebreather Diver Course – Elective ProgramEquipment Specialist Lab 3 – Elective ProgramSensor network for underwater and surface monitoringDissertation

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