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Creating Junior Torchbearers: Tips from the Experts!

Engage Curiosity

“Children have such an incredible desire to learn, to explore and discover the world around them. So our program is built around the energy of children’s curiosity. We create a fun, relaxed, interactive, and educational environment for them to express themselves.”

Emma and Tony Andrews, Owners of PADI 5 Star IDC Centre Crystal Divers Mauritius and Founders of the Crystal Ocean Explorers Program

Be Patient & Develop Buoyancy Skills

“Having a passion and desire for teaching kids is most important, as it’s different from teaching adults and requires more nurturing and patience. Talk about diver damage to reefs and how important buoyancy is and something simple they can do. Lead by example because kids watch you and learn from you.” 

Margo Peyton, Owner of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures

Show, Don’t Just Tell

“Take them to the source. Bring them face-to-face with endangered animals and enable a personal connection that drives them to protect the environment. At DiveFest 2021, we’re taking 50 kids to actually go and see our coral nurseries, then learn more about it with a fun environmental boat talk.”

Andre Miller MSc, PADI AmbassaDiver, Marine Biologist, PADI MSDT & Freediver Instructor at Barbados Blue Water Sports

No Change is Too Small

“I like to tell the kids; “You can change the world by changing some of your simple everyday habits. Say no to plastic straws or pick up one piece of trash from the street every day; then tell your friends and family to do the same and watch the magic happen as you become part of something bigger than you are.”

Lise Menard, Founder Mi Mar Maravilloso, PADI MSDT Instructor #287315 and Author of “Remi The Lost Manatee” & “Melody The Humpback Who Lost Her Way”

Build Connections with Schools

“We established an independent coral transplant project, then began working with local indigenous high school students. 70 certifications later we have a range of students from Junior Open Water divers to Rescue Divers and are searching for more Instructors so we can dedicate our second boat exclusively to these activities!”

Neil Davison & Team, Dive Rarotonga, PADI Store # S4529

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