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Ikelite Ships Ball Arm System for HDMI Monitors

Ikelite has released a new ball arm system that allows for the attachment of an external monitor. The ball arms allow for the monitor to be moved into a variety of positions. In addition, Ikelite is offering the option of purchasing housings with an M24 port, or having one added after purchase, to allow for HDMI 2.0 out.

The Ball Arm kit for HDMI monitors is shipping now, priced at $350.

From Ikelite

Ball Arm for HDMI Monitors

Product # 4081.12
$ 350.00


A reticulating ball arm system is the best way to mount an external monitor. This allows the monitor housing to be moved in all directions – up, down, left, right, and rotationally – quickly and easily. The ball clamps can be loosened slightly underwater to allow one-handed repositioning of the monitor when changing shooting positions or to provide access to the rear housing controls.

For example, the monitor can sit above the housing when shooting a subject below you or directly behind the housing when framing macro. This avoids the awkwardness of re-learning how to aim your lens because your image is no longer in line with it.

The sliding ball mount allows for approximately 2.25” (5.7cm) left-to-right movement to offset the monitor for even easier access to rear controls.

Ikelite Housing with Atomos Ninja HDMI Monitor

A 3-point ball arm is the most ergonomic and versatile way to mount an HDMI monitor to your housing. The ball clamps can be loosened slightly underwater to allow one-handed repositioning of the whole monitor set-up when changing shooting positions or to provide uninhibited access to the rear housing controls. A top Cable Grip # 4080.09 is essential for carrying any system around on the surface in-between dives.


This ball arm is mounted to an Ikelite 200DL underwater housing using:

(2) Standard Ball Clamps # 4081.2 if shooting without lights
OR (2) Triple Ball Clamps # 4081.3 if shooting with lights
(2) Ball at Quick Release Mount # 4081.31
Right-Hand Quick Release Handle # 4077.02
(2) Trigger Extensions # 4077.95* for shutter and back-button focus

These items are sold separately.

The external monitor housing must come with a top-mounted 1” (2.5cm) ball mount. We do not offer ball mount adapters for external monitor housings at this time.

*Housings below serial # 73600 require Trigger Extension # 4077.93.

Buoyancy & Trim

Some external monitor housings are positively buoyant and may benefit from the addition of the Trim Weight System # 47140 to the bottom of the tray and handles for improved balance and handling.

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In the Box

(3) 5” Ball Arm # 4081.05
(3) Standard Ball Clamp # 4801.2
Sliding Ball Mount # 4081.72

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