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Straight Talk From CEO: How Are You Doing?

After navigating this pandemic for more than 18 months, the reality is it’s likely to be with us for a while longer. A couple of months ago, it appeared 2021 was on the right track – with vaccinations rolling out, travel restrictions loosening and borders opening in many areas. Diving certification data even shows diving outpacing travel tourism recovery overall – a sign of hope and things to come. In a few places, dive business activity is even approaching pre-pandemic levels.

The Delta variant caused new lockdowns in some regions, and this wave is different and the world is in the initial stages of learning to live with it through a variety of policy and social reactions. Approaches vary drastically by country and even by individual. I suspect we all are experiencing varying degrees of “COVID Fatigue” from it all. The good news is, we’re still seeing diving recovery in many regions of the world.

PADI remains a resilient, strong organization because we don’t get run aground when the wind shifts like this. It is not easy on any of us as we find the grit to adapt and innovate, readjusting as our situations demand. Delta is abruptly affecting PADI Members differently around the world, and I’m most interested in finding out how you are doing. The short survey below will help inform the PADI team to develop supportive regional responses to keep our membership moving forward against this unexpected headwind. Second, I need to know who’s hurting, in what ways and how you think we can support you best. This is important, so please take a few minutes to answer these questions and let us know how you are holding up:

Retail & Resort Member

Individual Member

The pandemic continues to run its course and survival of any kind dictates that we have to continue to adapt and adjust accordingly. Pandemics always end – not with a bang, but slowly fading in with the other pathogens we live with every day, without a second thought most of the time. History promises the COVID pandemic will end and the PADI Membership will continue to soldier through it all until then.

Thanks for your responses, tenacity and loyalty as a PADI Member. Your professionalism and resilience make a difference – day to day as part of diving’s contributions to thousands of lives and livelihoods globally, and to the coming generations as we band together to explore and save the oceans.


Drew Richardson
PADI CEO and President

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