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Anglerfish Announces Deep Housing for Panasonic BHG1

Anglerfish Creative Lighting has designed a deep water housing for the Panasonic BHG1 4K cinema camera. It can operate to 1000-2000 meters (3281-6562 feet) depending on the lens port system specified. It has M14, M16, M24, and 5/16 ports for power, control, and video out. Anglerfish are in the process of designing a leak detection circuit for underwater housings using Bluetooth Low Energy module, controlled via iOS or Android devices.

Panasonic BGH1 Remote Camera Housing


Remote camera deployment
Camera mounted on ROVs
Camera mounted on Submarines
Drop cam, tow cam, pole cam

Panasonic BHG1

Anglerfish Creative Lighting is announcing a simple camera housing for the Panasonic BGH1. We are currently taking pre-orders for this housing.

Panasonic BGH1 is a compact and lightweight 4K cinema camera offering remote camera function through Power Over Ethernet (POE+) as well as 4K 60hz broadcasting and streaming functions. The camera is also features ability to record RAW video data output over HDMI at 4K, 60hz, 12bit. Users also can record Apple ProRes RAW on Atomos NINJA V. The camera has both HDMI and SDI output. It features Genlock in, TimeCode in and out for camera synchronization.

The camera battery is optimized to provide 5-6 hrs of record time even with the smallest battery. Larger batter is available which allow for record time of up to 12 hrs.
The compactness and the small footprint of the housing make it ideal for use in remote camera application, on Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Submarines, Drop cams, tow cams and much more.

The compactness of the housing allows the camera to be carried as a payload on affordable hobby style ROVs such as BlueROV2.
The POE capability of the housing/camera allows the camera to be connected directly to the ROV or Submarine network for supply of power and Ethernet streaming/control.

Bayonet Design

The housing Bayonet is compatible with Nauticam N85 system. This means that users can either utilize their existing N85 ports and extension tubes or use one of Anglerfish’s 4-inch, 6.5-inch glass domes or the macro flat ports.

Depth Rating

The housing has a depth rating of 1000-2000m and is limited by the depth rating of the ports chosen. Typical Nauticam N85 ports are limited to depth rating of 100m. However, if deeper depth rating is required, we can supply custom ports. Ports are available with BK7 Glass or Sapphire for extreme depths.

Material of Construction

The housing is made up of anodized aluminum 7075-T6. However, other materials such as stainless-steel SA-316 and Marine Grade Titanium can also be supplied. The Housing will be supplied with two sacrificial zinc anodes to reduce corrosion in the toughest marine environments.


The housing has the following bulkhead ports:

1-3x M14 for vacuum valves, genlock, TC in & out
M16 for either HDMI / Power / USB
M24 for either full size HDMI / RJ45 Ethernet connector
5/16-20 for SubCon Industrial wet POE bulkhead (ideal for submarines and industrial ROVs)


The expansion module allows for the user to increase the housing length and allows for the Large Panasonic battery to be utilized. It also allows for a Ethernet to fibre optic converter. This allows the camera to be deployed distances up to 1km.


Anglerfish Creative Lighting also can provide underwater cables, connectors and bulkhead for the BGH1 housing depending on the application. However, our bulkhead ports are industrial standard and can accommodate other brands.

Underwater POE Cat7 Cable

RF Wireless/Bluetooth Hight Speed Cable

Custom High Speed, High Pressure Underwater Cable Connector

Matching Bulkhead


Anglerfish Creative Lighting is also developing a leak detection circuit for underwater housings using a Bluetooth Low Energy module. This leak detection system will be unique because you can interface with an iPhone or an Android app to get real-time vacuum pressure data and assess even the smallest leaks. We are currently testing the circuit with a custom Android and iPhone app.


If you have a need for a professional remote camera setup. Please contact us. We will be happy to provide support on your production.

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