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100% AWARE: Celebrating PADI’s Decade For Ocean Action

100% AWARE is an exclusive partner giving program available to all PADI Dive Centers, Resorts, and PADI Members, to facilitate conservation support through the PADI certification card process. Your students will receive the 2022 AWARE edition, PADI Certification Card. 

PADI AWARE Foundation is a non-profit public charity driving local action for global conservation. Partner donations help realize the mission of achieving balance between humanity and the ocean. Your support fuels the joint Conservation Blueprint that drives measurable ocean conservation.

Becoming 100% AWARE has never been easier. We have a new streamlined donation process, with monthly and annual donation options. 

New Tiered Donation Options (US/AU/€/£ accepted)

Dive Center Tiers

 $150/Month Tier 1 (Recommended for those who produce 200 or more certs a year) $75/Month Tier 2 (Recommended for those who produce less than 200 certs a year)$1,600/Year Tier 3 (Annual Lump Sum Option) 

Individual Instructor Tiers

$25/Month Tier 1 (Recommended for those who produce 100 or more certs a year) $10/Month Tier 2 (Recommended for those who produce less than 100 certs a year)

100% AWARE Partners receive priority communications about upcoming advances to the conservation blueprint, as well as a digital marketing toolkit to promote the partnership at your business. We also feature 100% AWARE Partners on PADI’s select digital tools such as the PADI Dive Shop Locator, the PADI Conservation Activities Locator, and the 100% AWARE Landing Page.

We have included a 100% FAQ, 100% AWARE slide deck, and accompanying webinar, to further showcase how becoming a 100% AWARE Partner supports the PADI Decade for Ocean Action, and benefits your business.  

100% AWARE FAQsSlide Deck: The 100% AWARE Partnership  Webinar: 100% AWARE: Directly Supporting The Decade For Ocean Action

Ready to become 100% AWARE, and support the PADI Decade For Ocean Action in your business? Click Here to commit today! 

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