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Hope Rising: Thankful for You and All PADI Members Who Continue to Inspire

PADI® Members continue to take action for the ocean, their businesses, the dive industry and their local communities – hope is certainly rising. 

From finding ways to continue to save the ocean to working to make diving more accessible to everyone, all of us in the dive community are continually inspired by you!

Our PADI Regional Teams across the globe reflect and share their gratitude towards your resilience, determination and love for the ocean, highlighting how your actions continue to drive optimism and give hope for the future.

You’ve Inspired Us By Helping Others

“The coming together of members in Asia Pacific to help support their local communities through these difficult times is awe-inspiring. Many members in Asia Pacific have put business competition aside to focus on supporting their staff and communities. It’s inspiring to see PADI Members that are able to operate pivoting their business plans to change with the tide.”

-Paul Tanner, PADI Territory Director Asia Pacific

You’ve Inspired Us By Your Leadership 

“Throughout this very challenging time I have been inspired by the amazing resilience and resourcefulness of our members. While some were allowed to open sooner, others had to endure longer periods of restrictions.  Learning about some of the creative solutions members engaged in to serve their divers filled me with confidence in a gradual but robust recovery.  One example is the ‘Scuba Uber’ service that delivers sanitized tanks and analyzer to the front porch to complete the practical application session for a virtual Enriched Air class. Huge efforts went into virtual club meetings with interesting guest speakers, many involving challenges to the ocean and educating the diving community about their ability to effect change.  There is no doubt that when restrictions are lifted globally we will have an eager, prepared community of divers ready to seek adventure and save the ocean thanks to the impressive leadership and tenacity shown by our members who I have the privilege to work with.”

-Lucy Dunbar, PADI Territory Director America

You’ve Inspired Us By Staying Positive

“Regardless of the country or culture they come from, PADI Members throughout my territory have proven resilient, positive and determined throughout the pandemic. PADI Members have not just dug deep to support their livelihoods, but many have engaged in community projects, joined front line medical teams and worked with young people to continue to develop future generations of divers. It has been a humbling experience to work with them, and one I shall always remember.”

-Rich Somerset, PADI Territory Director Bristol

You’ve Inspired Us By Being Resilient

“As the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt around the world, a prolonged state of emergency has been declared in Japan. We recognize how hard continuing activity has been. However, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all PADI Members who show resilience and continue to be active in the field, and who are taking creative measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while supporting divers to continue to seek adventure and save the ocean, despite the hardships this pandemic has caused your businesses.  We, at PADI, are inspired to continue our efforts to improve our services to help PADI Members in their business development. I’d like to thank you for your ongoing commitment.”

-Akihisa Kawai, PADI Sales Senior Regional Manager Asia Pacific

You’ve Inspired Us By Continuing To Seek Adventure

“PADI Members all share the passion for diving and although the pandemic has been challenging in so many ways it did not stop PADI Members diving, rather the opposite. Many PADI Members in my territory actually did more diving to explore new sites and to conduct environmental surveys than during a normal year when they are busy teaching and guiding divers. During these dives PADI Members were able to take more photos and videos than ever before, images that they shared on social media. These photos and videos inspired not only me, but a diving community that to a large extent was not able to dive during the pandemic. 

The French novelist Marcel Proust said “the true voyage of discovery is not so much about finding new landscape as to get a new pair of eyes”. The ocean takes up more than 70% of our planet. The ocean has an average depth of 3,700 metres and is home of a larger biodiversity and bio density than the rain forest. The ocean has more earthquakes and volcanoes than on land. You find the longest mountain range in the ocean. Most animals live here, and it is mostly unexplored.

The environmental movement started with photos taken of our blue planet from space by the first space explorers. First then did we realize how fragile our planet is and why it is so important to act now to prevent us from destroying all the beauty that took millions, if not billions, of years to evolve. I believe that the photos and videos shared by PADI Members during the pandemic gives people those new eyes that Marcel Proust referred to and with those new eyes have a better understanding how unique and fragile the underwater landscape is. By seeing all the wonders and beauty that lies beneath we also would realize the benefit of protecting it.

Diving and exploration, as displayed in those images, is what inspire us to greater things and to move us forward. It gives hope and meaning, leading to a better balance between humanity and the ocean.To all PADI Members please let me extend how tremendously grateful I am, personally and professionally, to you all. You are a true inspiration!”

-Jonas Samuelsson, PADI Territory Director Middle East & Nordic

You’ve Inspired Us By Adapting To Change

“It’s been more than a year that people and the world have been affected by the COVID-19. As for our PADI members, there is no exception. We have been through ups and downs, challenges and opportunities, however I am constantly inspired by our members for their resilience, hard-working, and adaptation to the situation. Their optimism is not sitting back and waiting, but rather seizing every opportunity they can to survive, develop and evolve. As the situation changes, the adaptation to the new normal, staying focused on what’s possible, make all the differences. I want to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continuous trust in us, being through the journey with us and most importantly not forgetting our unique mission to protect our ocean wherever possible. You are the heroes of our times, and we are making the history of our own, together.”

-Thomas Kan, PADI Territory Director China

You’ve Inspired Us By Creating Balance Between Humanity and the Ocean

“PADI Members are resilient, progressive and compassionate. Whether it’s facing current challenges head-on or simply inspiring their markets to seek adventure, PADI Members in the west continue to impress. I’ve witnessed members evolve from small operators to figureheads in the industry by focusing on two key factors – conservation and community. It fills me with hope, knowing that I represent a part of the industry that doesn’t take humanity or the ocean for granted.”

-Michael Janssen, PADI Territory Director America

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