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The Diving Leadership Pathway

Written by Colin Melrose, Director, Instructor Development, PADI Asia Pacific

The pathway to becoming a PADI dive leader is one we all tread, our roles swapping from being a leader to being a follower and back again.

As leaders our success is largely measured by the competent and confident divers that follow in our footsteps, from Open Water Diver to Advanced Open Water to Rescue Diver and beyond, with the credentials earned on the journey being the waypoints where our success is measured. However there is another, equally important measurement we should always consider. It’s the level of experience and understanding of the marine environment gained by the divers we influence as they put their diving skills into practice, engaging with the diving lifestyle, the environment, marine life and people.

Our role as diver trainers and educators is crucial to the success of the dive industry. PADI Members provide 70%-80% of diving consumers. They are the fuel that drives our industry. Jobs, businesses and indeed whole communities in some cases, are dependent on the income that diving generates. On a personal level I have always found this responsibility to be satisfying, exciting and hugely rewarding. At the same it can be daunting when I consider that I have, in my hands, the personal safety and wellbeing of the divers I am training or leading. I know many of you, my peers, feel the same way. These are all understandable and quite human responses that have lead many of us to a lifelong commitment to being diving influencers.

As well as creating enthusiastic, committed consumers of diving services (PADI divers) we have a responsibility to ensure our industry is provided with a skilled, qualified and passionate workforce. One that will enthuse and excite consumers so their dreams of becoming divers can be realised. In a sense to replicate ourselves and so providing a steady flow of PADI professionals of all levels to fill the ever present and growing demand for store and resort staff.

During the global pandemic many businesses scaled back operations and in some cases closed down. Staff were laid off and many left the industry, relocated and found new jobs. Now as we emerge from the pandemic the need to replenish the pool of PADI Pros has grown. There is a shortage of skilled, qualified staff in many parts of the world.

The demand for PADI Divemasters and Instructors to fill the dive industry jobs around the world presents PADI Members with opportunities on a number of levels.

The opportunity to obtain that dream job in a dive centre or resort. The opportunity to earn income from training Divemasters, Assistant Instructors, Instructors and so on. The opportunity to give something back to diving by utilising your skills and qualifications to help meet our industries demand for a skilled, competent and passionate workforce.

What could be better than that?


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