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An Amazing Year for Sharks in Playa del Carmen

Pro Dive International

You have probably already seen some incredible videos of the whale sharks this year. It was an amazing extended season with large numbers of manta rays joining them in their feast of plankton here in the Caribbean. 

I would describe it as snorkelling in a thick soup of sharks and manta rays! An unforgettable experience to be surrounded by such giant majestic animals!

What’s more, as the whale sharks leave us the bull sharks are already being frequently sighted early before their season! This year would be a truly epic year for shark sightings!

Great numbers of bull sharks migrate to the shallow waters of Playa del Carmen every year, normally from Nov-Mar as the ocean temperature lowers. They are mainly pregnant females hanging around until it’s time to pup. This aggregation is an important monitoring site for bull sharks, because as with most pelagic fish they are difficult to follow and study. Help support their protection and research by booking a dive with them. For every diver we take we make a donate to Saving our Sharks.

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