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Conservation Training in 2022 and Beyond

Conservation courses and training materials will be an integral part of driving PADI’s new Blueprint for Ocean Action. Here a preview on what’s in store for 2022.

Last World Ocean’s Day, the PADI® organization  announced the Blueprint for Ocean Action – a bold strategy to advance specific ocean conservation targets by 2030. In the next few years, the first critical stages of this plan will be built with diver training and education resources as an essential component. These tools will support Mission Hubs  that directly engage Torchbearers in conservation actions with both fins on and fins off.

First on the docket is the current suite of PADI AWARETM courses – Dive Against Debris®, AWARE Shark Conservation and the Project AWARE specialties. All of these will be updated as needed and available in multiple languages. Foundation programs that drive local action for global impact will continue to support these core courses, directly advancing the Blueprint goals.

Based on the success of it in the Dive Against Debris course, PADI AWARE courses will increasingly emphasize citizen science action that advances marine research. As examples, the AWARE Shark Conservation specialty update will include a component for tracking vulnerable coastal shark species and Coral Reef Conservation will aim at coral restoration. By including citizen science, Mission Hubs can provide hands-on diver education on the key threats to the ocean, help build the largest underwater citizen science database on the planet and actively participate in conservation projects at the local level.

All PADI Members will be central to driving these critical programs to protect our ocean planet. Stay tuned to know how you can stay involved with present and coming conservation training and education opportunities.

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