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Final Days for entries to DPG/Wetpixel Masters 2021

You’ve procrastinated, you’ve dawdled, you’ve dilly-dallied, heck, you’ve even lollygagged a little! And now, it’s finally time to just go ahead and do it! In short, the deadline is upon us: You’ve only got until Sunday, October 31st at 11:59 PM PST to enter your amazing images and videos into the DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition 2021!

Fear not! There’s no minefield of categories to navigate—just the four classics (Wide Angle Traditional and Unrestricted, Macro Traditional and Unrestricted) plus Black & White and Video. There are no restrictions on when you took your entries or the places you shot them. Whatever you love shooting—big or small animals, wrecks or reef scenics, portraits or behavior shots—you’re in with a chance of winning. (Just be sure to check out the Rules & Guidelines before you enter.)

So, delay no longer! Give our amazing judging panel a hard time! Head over to the competition page on and submit your entries now!

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