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Mares Cruise Dry BP18 – Light

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Comfortable, lightweight, and colorful are the best words to describe Mares’ latest waterproof backpack. It’s ideal for anyone who loves water sports and outdoor activities.

Let’s take a look at the backpack’s special features:

  • The look

 The Cruise BP18-Light’s design is elegant and available in two color combos: Blue/Light Grey and Sea Green/Light Grey

  • Materials

 The back and the bottom areas, which are most subject to abrasion, are made of incredibly durable black 420-denier TPU. The colored sections are made in 210-denier PU. All seams are high-frequency welded. The resulting backpack is the perfect balance between durability and light weight.

  • Closure system

 The “Rolling Closure System” offers two options to satisfy your personal needs and preferences. You can choose between a “handle” closure, which allows for easy carrying as if it were a bag, or a side “vertical” closure that’s ideal when wearing it as a backpack.

  • New “Air-Cross System” for air circulation

 This bag offers a new padding system on the back, allowing for better air circulation. This noticeably reduces perspiration and eliminates the sticky feeling often experienced when wearing a bag of this type, especially on warmer days.

  • Shoulder straps

 The shoulder straps are preformed, easy to adjust, and padded for maximum comfort and practicality.

  • Chest strap

 The elastic chest strap is adjustable, achieving the perfect tension and therefore making the bag more stable when worn.

  • Outer pocket

 This bag features a handy outer pocket with waterproof zip closure. There’s a convenient key chain hook inside the pocket. Another noteworthy feature is the housing that contains the zipper pull once the zip is closed.

  • Loops

There are loops located at the bottom so users can easily hook carabiners and transport small personal items.

  • Stitching

 All the stitching on the various straps is reinforced with bar tacking, ensuring unbeatable durability.

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