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Results: Ocean Art 2021

Snoeken” by Luc Rooman

The 2021 Ocean Art contest has announced its results. The winning image was taken by Luc Rooman and features two pikes (Esox lucius) apparently locked in a duel. Congratulations to all the other winners and those among the placings, and especially to the many members of the Wetpixel community.


Wide Angle

1st Place: Eduardo Acevedo
2nd Place: Nicolas Remy
3rd Place: Hannah Le Leu
4th Place: Gabriel Guzman
Honorable Mention: Magnus Lundgren


1st Place: Nigel Motyer
2nd Place: Sarah Vasend
3rd Place: Magnus Lundgren
4th Place: Steven Walsh
Honorable Mention: Matteo Visconti

Marine Life Behavior

1st Place: Luc Rooman

2nd Place: Julian Hsu
3rd Place: Louise Nott
Honorable Mention: Lionel Houde


1st Place: Paolo Bausani
2nd Place: Andrey Savin
3rd Place: Marco Gargiulo
4th Place: Salvatore Gambacurta
Honorable Mention: Michal Štros
Honorable Mention: Zurub


1st Place: Matthew Sullivan
2nd Place: Celia Kujala
3rd Place: Nigel Motyer
Honorable Mention: Luc Rooman
Honorable Mention: Celia Kujala


1st Place: Salvatore Ianniello
2nd Place: Virginia Salzedo
3rd Place: Cedric Peneau


1st Place: Steven Kovacs
2nd Place: Steven Kovacs
3rd Place: Rajiv Bhambri
Honorable Mention: Fabien Michenet
Honorable Mention: Steven Kovacs

Underwater Conservation

1st Place: Catherine Holmes
2nd Place: Steven Kovacs
3rd Place: Michael Vogelsang
Honorable Mention: Catherine Holmes

Underwater Art

1st Place: Jenny Stock
2nd Place: Julian Nedev
3rd Place: Julian Nedev
Honorable Mention: Virginia Salzedo

Black & White

1st Place: Tom St George
2nd Place: Kyle Lucy
3rd Place: Plamena Mileva
Honorable Mention: Serge Melesan

Compact Wide Angle

1st Place: Kate Rister
2nd Place: Jack Berthomier
3rd Place: Enrico Somogyi
Honorable Mention: Enrico Somogyi

Compact Macro

1st Place: Kathrin Landgraf-Kluge
2nd Place: Salvatore Gambacurta
3rd Place: Nicole Helgason
Honorable Mention: Eurico Roseiro

Compact Behavior

1st Place: PT Hirschfield
2nd Place: Ilaria Mariagiulia
3rd Place: PT Hirschfield
Honorable Mention: Abimael Márquez
Honorable Mention: Nino Perović

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