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Discover Scuba Diving Heads to eLearning

Discover Scuba Diving just got even better with its release in the fun, interactive PADI eLearning platform. Here are some of the key benefits and features that will make everyone fall in love with Discover Scuba Diving eLearning.

Discover Scuba® Diving (DSD®) has grown into diving’s most popular program for experiencing scuba without being certified, under direct professional supervision. The program was designed with tight standards that can be met within a flexible framework to accommodate a wide diversity of participants, instructors, locations and logistical considerations. Historically, media support for DSD has grown and changed, ranging from booklets to videos on VHS, then later to DVDs. By popular request from PADI® Members, participant pre-study information for Discover Scuba Diving is now on the PADI eLearning® platform. Discover Scuba Diving eLearning addresses several needs and features:

Participants who preregister don’t have to wait to start the course

Now, participants can complete DSD knowledge development before they leave home if they want. The information mirrors what’s in the current Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide, and includes additional images, interactive features and integrated video. This not only spares holiday time, it also builds enthusiasm and gets participants excited about the experience before they even travel to the destination.

Less talking makes for a better learning experience

Because participants will have already had significant study and learning before they meet the instructor, your interactions are more about doing – skill practice, personalization and location-specific knowledge.

Vice-versa promotion

Following the traditional flow, many participants will sign up for DSD with a PADI Dive Center or Resort, and then go to PADI eLearning to get started. However, thanks to PADI media outreach, participants may now reach DSD eLearning first, and then sign up for the experience with a PADI Member as part of the registration/affiliation process.

Digital “paper” work

While registering, DSD participants complete all administrative forms, including the Diver Medical form. Participants also complete the required Knowledge and Safety Review as they progress through DSD eLearning. There is no paper needed, unless participants need to seek medical clearance before diving, in which case they download the three-page Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire and Physician’s Evaluation Form.

Smartphone emphasis

Like all PADI eLearning, DSD eLearning can be completed on any device – phone, tablet or computer. But, many DSD participants sign up spur of the moment while on holiday, meaning a large number will likely be using their smartphones. For this reason, DSD eLearning was created for smartphones as a primary platform.

To accommodate the advantages of the new Discover Scuba Diving eLearning, Discover Scuba Diving standards have been updated in the 2022 PADI Instructor Manual to reflect the changes and new options. See the First Quarter 2022 Training Bulletin in this edition of The Undersea Journal®for more details about how to make DSD eLearning work for you and your customers.

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