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RED Ships 2TB Pro CF express card

RED is now shipping their long-awaited certified 2TB high capacity CFexpress Type B card to its range of recording media for the V-RAPTOR. The RED PRO CF express 2TB offers underwater filmmakers a reasonable recording time.

The RED® PRO CFexpress 660GB and 2TB cards are available now, priced at $959.99

From RED


Designed in collaboration with Angelbird Technologies to specifically to meet the high-performance needs of the V-RAPTOR™ system and 8K acquisition, the RED® PRO CFexpress 660GB and 2TB are the official certified media cards for the V-RAPTOR camera system. The media is CFexpress™ 2.0 Type B compliant and supports precision recording of high bit-rate files with industrial-grade performance and durability extended through the capacity of the card.

Currently, there are two available versions of the RED PRO CFexpress card:
* 2TB High Capacity – This 2TB card meets all of RED’s quality, performance, and endurance specifications, with comparable performance to prior RED media options (e.g. RED MINI-MAG®s).
* 660GB High Endurance- This 660GB card has the same underlying hardware (as the 2TB option) but achieves a further extended lifetime by running in an overprovisioned mode.

Angelbird provides free data recovery services for these cards on both hard- and software. All first party officially certified media has undergone extensive and rigorous testing to ensure optimized performance and reliability. RED highly recommends using this media or otherwise consult the RED APPROVED accessories list.

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