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Responders in Action

Emergency First Response® would like to congratulate the following Emergency Responders who put their training into action when called upon to offer assistance.

In England

Emergency Responder: Don Brocklebank

Action: After dropping his children off at school, Brocklebank saw a woman on the floor and ran to assist. The victim was breathing but unresponsive, and an onlooker said she suffered from multiple health conditions including trouble with her heart. Brocklebank called emergency services and spoke with the dispatch, relaying information he found on a lanyard the victim was wearing, which listed her various medical conditions. Brocklebank called for an AED to be located and brought to him, and kept the victim warm until emergency services arrived. 

EFR® Instructor Trainer: Wayne A. Barrett (646529)

In the USA

Emergency Responder: Kyle Hickey

Action: Hickey had just dropped off two of his children at his mother’s house when heard a crash and saw a bicyclist on the ground. Walking over, he tried to make contact with the victim but he was unresponsive, though convulsing and gasping. Since his phone was in the car, Hickey got the attention of a neighborhood kid to call 911. Hickey then checked the victim and felt for a pulse; while he was checking, he found a necklace with medication indications (which he later reported to emergency medical services). By now, other bystanders had come to assist, and they started CPR. Hickey took turns with the other responders, and completed four or five cycles of 30 compressions until an off‐duty EMT arrived and took over. A minute later emergency medical services arrived and defibrillated the victim twice; after the second attempt they got a pulse, and loaded the victim into the ambulance.

EFR Instructor: Maaike Rademaker-Hickey (357215)

In Scotland

Emergency Responders: Mike Morgan, Imogen Broad, Rhian Anthony, Aidan Smith, Michael Bramham, Marnik van Cauter

Action: On a Sunday morning, bystanders alerted staff and divers from Puffin Dive Center that they had spotted two distressed divers on the surface of a local dive site. Puffin staff launched a small rescue boat and sent a shore party to locate the divers. While the boat party searched for the divers, the shore team – involving a staff member with two volunteers from the public – recovered and pulled the two divers from the water, providing CPR and rescue breaths to one of the divers who was unresponsive and not breathing. (The second diver was able to exit the water with assistance from the search team and, although exhausted, was OK.) The entire team gathered and continued providing CPR and rescue breaths until emergency services arrived.

EFR Instructors: Mike Morgan (61814), Imogen Broad (644657), Rhian Anthony (440292)

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