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Hugyfot Announces Housings for Nikon Z6/7 Series

Hugyfot has announced housings for the Nikon Z6/7 and Z6/7 II. It ships with the Hugycheck vacuum system, one M16 and two fiber optic ports. It is compatible with Hugyfot ports and, uniquely, is coated with the Cerakote thin film coating.

The Hugyfot housing for the Nikon Z 6/7 series will be shipping soon. Please consult your local dealer for delivery times and pricing

From Hugyfot

Nikon Z6/7 II


Hugyfot manufacturing

The Z6/7 housing is machined out of a solid block of AlMgSi1 high strength aluminum. Each housing is sanded by hand, sandblasted, and finished with a ceramic polymer-based thin film coating.

The housing is pressure rated to 100m.

Camera control

All Nikon Z6/7 II camera controls can be accessed (on/off, shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, program dial, main dial, push buttons, lens release,FN1, FN2).

Standard housing configuration

HugyCheck system
1 M16 accessory port
2 optical outlets (for 2 fiber optical cables – cables not included)
2 rigid aluminum handles with 1-inch ball mount
soft neoprene handle for one-hand photography
gearwheel drive for manual zoom or focus control
standard viewfinder
Hugyfot bayonet adaptor for port mounting
Hugyfot easy locking system with closing levers
large window for back color LCD screen
small window for the top screen
ball mount on top of the housing


The housing can be equipped with the Hugyfot:

flat ports
wide angle ports
fish eye dome
extension rings

Please check the Hugyfot lens charts to look up compatible lenses.


45° sports viewfinder
straight sports viewfinder
TTL converter
Nikonnos strobe connector
Hugyfot standalone Monitor

Since the production of Hugyfot housings moved to Belgium in 2003 we have been hard anodizing all aluminum parts.

We feel it is time now to move to one of the most performing thin film coatings available today.

Cerakote is a ceramic polymer-based thin film coating that offers industry-leading durability, hardness, flexibility, UV stability together with excellent scratch, corrosion, heat, and chemical resistance. The finish is stunning and a pleasure to the eye and touch.

Our newest Hugyfot products will be offered in the following Cerakote Elite and H Series Oven cured colors: Graphite Black, Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Pink Champagne.

Pressure rated: 100m

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