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Hope Rising: PADI Members Rallying for our Blue Planet

This Earth Day, we are celebrating our #PADIPEOPLE who are leading conservation efforts in every corner of the globe. From creating citizen-science initiatives to organizing local programs that are truly making a difference globally, our community is raising hope for planet earth. 

Fiskardo Divers: Ionian Islands Seagrass Restoration Program

PADI IDC Center Fiskardo Divers has created and implemented a seagrass restoration program in the Mediterranean that is focused on saving the lungs of the ocean. Designed to empower PADI volunteer divers to take part in both citizen science research around the benefits seagrass has in the Ionian Islands and play a hands on role in restoring the seagrass meadow that was home to an abundance of marine life, this program is led by their own PADI Professionals and a core component to their IDC training.   

Marriot Resorts in the Maldives: Leading Regenerative Tourism Programs

Tourism is bouncing back and the collection of Marriot Resorts in the Maldives are ensuring that the return of visitors rejuvenates their local environment. PADI Dive Resort The Westin Maldives Miriandoo has created a manta ray rendezvous in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to both educate and inspire their guests to protect these vulnerable marine species. Neighboring PADI Dive Resort Sheraton Maldives Full Moon has launched an “adopt a coral” program in partnership with Reefscapers, which invites guests to take park in coral-fragment plantation in the Gulhi Falhu lagoon. 

Scuba Steve: Inspiring Kids to Read for Reefs

PADI Divemaster Steven Kamlet (aka: Scuba Steve) is passionate about inspiring the next generation to take action for our planet. So in addition to his full time scuba career, Steven has written a collection of children’s books titled The Tales of Scuba Steve, which take imaginations around the world through the eyes of a scuba diving superhero who is protecting the reefs and saving the planet. Steven has even made his collection of books part of his PADI Bubblemakers course kits! 

Samantha Thian: Seeking Solutions in Singapore

PADI Divemaster Samantha Thian has founded Seastainable, a social business in Singapore that supports marine conservation.  Her initial goal was to rally up other local community members to take action in looking after their coastline, with weekly beach clean-ups that surpassed 300 organized events with over 1,300 people. Now, the organization has branched out to the Phillippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, contributing over $30,000 SGD to 33 different conservation projects and helping 5,200 individuals in local communities further their own efforts

Share Your Hope Rising Stories with #PADIPeople

There is hope rising everywhere. PADI will continue to amplify stories like these with fellow PADI Members and divers to inspire, excite and accelerate recovery by demonstrating the spirit of #PADIPeople around the world. 

Share your own stories about how you are making a difference, and the better days that are possible right now through diving. Simply post descriptions, photos or videos to your social media channels, tagging PADI and #PADIPeople.

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