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Marelux Ships Smart Optical Flash Tube

Marelux is shipping their Smart Optical Flash Tube (SOFT) strobe output shaping device. Compatible with Sea&Sea YS D2, YS D3, Inon Z240, Z330, and Retra Flash Pro X strobes, it offers an adjustable light shape-controlled via an external dial and has a built-in battery-powered aiming light.

It is priced at $470, with the mounting dock an additional $80. Please visit your local Marelux dealer for information about availability.

Press release

Marelux start shipping SOFT – Smart Optical Flash Tube

Marelux has just developed a new gadget for macro underwater photographers, SOFT-Smart Optical Flash Tube. This device can be used on various popular strobes, with an aiming light automatically switching off when strobe flashes. The light shape can be adjusted by a built-in aperture, which is controlled by an external dial. The focus point is 170mm from the end of the tube and the diameter is 2mm to 60mm.

SOFT can be used with additional adapters for the following strobes: Sea&Sea YS D2, YS D3, Inon Z240, Z330, Retra Flash Pro X.

Technical Specifications of Marelux SOFT:

Aluminium Anodized Housing:


Body length: 210mm
Main Body Of Soft (in air/in water) ≈ 972g/270g
Floating ring (in air/in water) ≈ 33g/-110g
Main body+Floating ring (in air/in water) ≈ 1005g/-160g
Dock For Sea & Sea YS D2 (in air/in water) ≈ 61g/58g
Dock For Sea & Sea YS D3 (in air/in water) ≈ 125g/95g
Dock For INON Z240 (in air/in water) ≈ 138g/80g
Dock For INON Z330 (in air/in water) ≈ 205g/135g
Dock For Retra Flash Pro X (in air/in water) ≈ 168g/110g
Ball Mount (in air/in water) ≈ 33g/20g


Battery ≈ 46g
Suggest using a standard 18650 lithium battery, 3.7V, 67mm length, if the battery length is over 70mm, it cannot work with this version of the SOFT, and will need a specially designed battery slot.

One 18650 lithium battery, 3.7V, 3400mAh, offers at least 16 hours of continuous use.

Depth rating: maximum 100m (suggest to use above 50m)
Light spot diameter in water: 8mm-50mm (130mm from end of SOFT)
Focal length: 130mm
Best shooting range: 120mm-180mm
Aiming light spot brightness:180 lumen

Aiming light will automatically quench for 1.2 seconds, in 2/100,000 seconds after sensing strobe flash, then automatically switch on again.

It is suggested that the aiming light is only activated in water, to avoid overheating.

Passed FCC CE RoHS testing.
Suggested operating temperature range: -20°C to +32°C. Maximum is +37°C.

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