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Dive Against Debris Course Gets Revamp

This April will kick off the year with a new and improved Dive Against Debris® course, the heart of the PADI AWARE marine debris program since 2011. PADI® Dive Centers have been instrumental in making Dive Against Debris a success – removing more than 2 million pieces of debris and aiding over 10,000 entangled marine animals. Dive Against Debris has also advanced ground breaking marine research, producing two scientific publications mapping the global state of marine debris. In 2022 and beyond, the program will provide country specific data to inform the advancement of local waste management policies, stopping marine debris at its source. The future success of this program will be supported by a partnership with Seiko, the primary sponsor of the Dive Against Debris Program.

To enable more engagement in this course, Dive Against Debris will be refreshed with a completely new and improved training component, support materials for PADI Professionals and availability on the PADI eLearning platform. The citizen science component will roll out new app upgrades to make submissions more user friendly. Dive Against Debris will remain a one-dive, standardized Adventure Specialty, and instructors will be able to immediately teach the course.

The PADI AWARE Dive Against Debris eLearning® will provide the most accessible way for Torchbearers to participate in marine debris actions at dive centers around the world – an instrumental piece to reaching the PADI blueprint goal of reducing marine debris by 50 percent in target countries.

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