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PADI AWARE Share Your Dive Against Debris Stories!

The amazing Dive Against Debris community has now removed 2,000,000 pieces of marine debris from the ocean! 

To celebrate and empower the community to grow and keep reaching for our goal to rid the oceans of marine debris, we want to share your passion for ocean conservation and Dive Against Debris with the world by featuring your stories and content. 

What are we looking for? 

High quality imagery, videos and testimonials that highlight your enthusiasm for cleaning the ocean, as well as your passion for PADI AWARE and the Dive Against Debris® Program!

High resolution content in line with appropriate PADI Standards (yes, that means you need a snorkel).
Video resolution for Facebook or Instagram posts should be filmed horizontally.
Instagram Reel and TikTok content can be filmed vertically. 
Photo by @HeartnauticaPhoto by @Oceanraysphotography

Support From PADI AWARE Marine Debris Title Sponsor Seiko

Seiko is generously providing watches to further incentivise your participation and engagement! The best of the following categories will win a Seiko Prospex dive watch!

Strangest Item Found
Most surveys submitted
Most debris removed
Most social posts shared
Best Instagram Reel/Tik Tok aligned with Dive Against Debris
Most people engaged or mobilizes in clean up effort
Seiko and PADI AWARE

How can you get started? 

Just tag us and we’ll track your content. And yes, you can participate anywhere there is water, fresh or salt, we want to see your support! 

Use of the following three tags is required: 


Tagging @PADItv and @PADIAWARE is helpful too.

What happens when I share my content?

The PADI and PADI AWARE Social teams will be closely monitoring social media channels with the hashtags mentioned above. Any content that meets the goals outlined above has a chance to be featured on our social channels, as well as the PADI website. This may include future materials and campaigns to support PADI’s Blueprint for Ocean Action

Ideas and Examples: 

Photos of divers safely removing debris 
Marine life videos and images and why you want to protect them 
PADI AWARE branding in your photos and videos (banners, flags, signs, debris bags)
Instagram Reels about the process of removing marine debris from the ocean
TikToks showing all the animals you can save from marine debris entanglement via Dive Against Debris
Videos of proper lift bag usage underwater
Video of divers safely removing debris 
Photos of you and your buddy teams with your marine debris haul (above and below the waves)
Whatever else helps capture your passion for protecting, and cleaning the ocean and your local waters! 




We encourage you to use PADI AWARE Logos and add them to any social posts! Find the PADI AWARE Logos here for reference.

Key Photo Guidelines For Taking Photos Underwater

Please wear a snorkel whenever possible for photos
We cannot share photos/videos for promotional or training use that don’t feature a snorkel.

Please showcase proper lift bag use
We cannot share photos/videos that show removal of debris likely heavier than 4 kgs/7lbs without a lift bag.

Marine animal interactions are passive – no touching or feeding any life
Check images as even when divers are not touching, camera angle can make it look like they are. If divers are perceived to be touching sensitive marine life, it is not acceptable.

Divers are not standing, kneeling or touching the bottom of the ocean or wall
This includes (but is not limited to) any bottom composition that could be a habitat to marine life.

For group photos, divers/travelers are socially-distanced and/or wearing face masks when required by the destination

Keep exploring with these Dive Against Debris champions and ocean cleaners around the world:

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This article was written by Jack Fishman, Community & Campaigns Officer of PADI AWARE Foundation

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