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Largest Network of Conservation Sites on the Planet

AWARE is set to launch a new version of Adopt a Dive Site Program, renamed Adopt The Blue.

On World Ocean Day, the PADI AWARE Foundation will launch one of the world’s largest-scale ocean conservation campaigns, Adopt The Blue. This initiative will drive forward PADI’s ambitious Blueprint For Ocean Action. Over the next decade, PADI and the PADI AWARE Foundation will drive local conservation efforts on marine debris, protect vulnerable species and habitats, restore coral reef systems, and tackle climate change. These local actions, when scaled up, will help propel global ocean conservation.

“Our previous Adopt a Dive Site campaign was an outstanding success in identifying issues and potential solutions on marine debris,” says Ian Campbell, PADI AWARE Foundation’s Associate Director of Policy and Campaigns. “We are now able to expand that successful model into driving local action for global impact across the whole range of ocean conservation issues that we are working on.”

PADI registered operators will be encouraged to identify sites of particular importance to them. Whether for a specific species, habitat, potential threats, sites of commercial significance, or a combination, operators can then register these sites as Adopt The Blue sites . This will allow the PADI AWARE Foundation to coordinate local, regional, and national conservation efforts. This network will be the largest of its kind on the planet.

2022 is a critical year for the ocean, with a public call for governments to protect at least 30% of the ocean by 2030. PADI and PADI AWARE have recently partnered with Blancpain, the prestige watchmakers, to advance the protection of critical marine sites worldwide. All of us can play a role in restoring the ocean to total health, and Adopt The Blue will be a fundamental component of achieving the balance between humanity and the ocean.

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