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Join Us to Protect 30% of the Ocean by 2030

PADI® and SeaLegacy have joined forces to accelerate much-needed ocean protection and we need your help to create ocean change. Together, we are championing a global petition to urge world leaders to adopt the 30X30 target, calling for conservation of “at least 30% of sea areas globally through effective, equitably managed, ecologically representative and well-connected systems of protected areas.”

There is still hope to save the ocean, if we come together and act now. Partnering with SeaLegacy allows us to amplify the creation of meaningful and actionable steps to protect our blue planet and all life that calls it home.

Global leaders from 196 countries will meet in China at the Convention on Biological Diversity to decide on the future for our ocean and planet. This is our chance to demand they take decisive action to revive and protect our most beloved marine ecosystems, and work to save our climate.

Learn how advocates like Cristina Mittermeir are making a difference! Sign the petition and urge world leaders to commit to protecting our planet. “I have been a part of the diving and snorkeling community since I was first PADI certified in 1987. Throughout the last 35 years, I’ve had the incredible honor of exploring the world’s oceans and forging lifelong friendships with fellow divers and ocean advocates. We are also among the first to notice the signs of an ecosystem in trouble. We’ve pulled more trash out of the water than we can count. We have watched our beautiful ocean communities degrade and lose their luster. But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.” Cristina Mittermeir

Additionally, Drew Richardson, CEO of PADI Worldwide, adds, “Working with SeaLegacy not only allows us to rapidly grow the global Torchbearer community but also empower[s] us all with meaningful ways to take real, positive action to protect our blue planet – and all life that calls it home.”

Here’s how to help:

Sign the petition at to protect 30×30. Then, use this Social Media Toolkit to share on your social media channels and encourage your divers to do the same. Finally, stay engaged with the SeaLegacy and PADI partnership for additional ways to get involved. We need your help!

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