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Straight Talk from PADI CEO: How Do You Measure up in Your Customers’ Eyes?

Ever wonder how PADI Instructors are perceived by our students? As community of diving professionals, how does our collective training approach, methods and practice measure up in the opinions of PADI students? I have powerful news to share directly from the voice of your customers – PADI Divers.

PADI’s Quality Management (QM) process across the planet plays a crucial part in insuring standards compliance, member professionalism and PADI’s program and brand integrity. By proactively and retrospectively surveying PADI dive students and participants in PADI programs about their experience, their instructor and key standards, we are able to gain direct feedback from our students about you and the course and program they enrolled in.

As you know, PADI QM procedures follow up on anything that may indicate standards violations, as well as any complaints received or discovered by CEQs (Course Evaluation Questionnaires). While the process is meant to be corrective and remediate members as needed, we also suspend and expel bad actors depending on the gravity of the violation. We have published these statistics and the names of suspended and expelled members every quarter for over 20 years in The Undersea Journal.

PADI QM procedures serve our organization in the interest of standards compliance, brand integrity and public safety. There’s a tendency to focus on the corrective side, but QM also documents your professionalism as a PADI Instructor member.

And the feedback is exceptional: CEQs and related correspondence received from PADI Divers about their PADI Instructor are 95-97% positive across the world. That is an A+ rating!

Praise, compliments and satisfaction with PADI Professionals gathered from consumer divers via CEQs by far outweigh complaints and standards concerns. This A+ rating quantifies and supports why PADI is the world leader in diver education, and a trusted authority in the minds of the public. Reputation and integrity matter, and the professionalism reflected in PADI Diver satisfaction surveys says a lot about you, your fellow PADI Members and our community of professionals. When people say “I want my PADI,” it is because they know that PADI courses and Instructors are in most demand and the best.

PADI publications, seminars and other Regional Headquarter (RHQ) communications frequently remind PADI Members that professionalism (not the job, but how you do it) is vital.

The business benefits of being professional are obvious, but it’s even more important in our roles as transformational diving educators and ocean advocates.

Thank you for your professionalism and congratulations on earning an A+ rating from the divers you train. Thank you for sharing your skills and persona to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

Drew Richardson
President & CEO

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