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PADI® Programs at the Rosen Centre Hotel

PADI Social

Monday, 31 October

PADI Social is back and in person! Kick off DEMA Show 2022 week with the PADI Social in the Rosen Centre Hotel ballroom. Hear from Drew Richardson and PADI Executives on what to look forward to in the coming year.

2023 Course Director Update

Monday, 31 October

Registration fee: $280 US

Speakers share industry leading tactics on how to grow your PADI Instructor Development business and review some of the key strategies and tools for promoting your instructor development programs at all levels. Also included: suggestions for teaching the revised IDC Curriculum, including techniques and considerations for the Rescue Diver Workshop, and a review of how to best integrate new digital products. You also won’t want to miss the PADI Frequent Trainer Program award ceremony!

To sign up for the program register here* or contact Yvonne Lara at 800 729 7234 (US and Canada only), or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2296.

Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer

Wednesday, 2 November

Fee: $695 US

As an Emergency First Response® Instructor Trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your passion for teaching and increase your income by training others to become Emergency First Response Instructors. This half-day program is open to EFR® Instructors who have completed the preparatory online components and conducted at least five EFR courses or issued at least 25 EFR course completion cards. This program includes access to the online pre-study presentations and to the live practical component.

To sign up for the program contact Yvonne Lara at 800 729 7234 (US and Canada only), or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2296.

IDC Staff Instructor Update

Thursday, 3 November

Registration fee: $280 US

Speakers share industry leading tactics on how to grow your PADI Assistant Instructor business, and review some of the key strategies and tools for promoting your PADI Instructor Development programs at all levels. Also included: suggestions for teaching the revised Assistant Instructor curriculum, including techniques and considerations for the Discover Scuba® Diver Workshop and a review of how to best integrate new digital products.

To sign up for the program register here* or contact Yvonne Lara at 800 729 7234 (US and Canada only), or +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2296.

*Links go live 1 July 2022.

Miniseminars at the Orange County Convention Center

By attending the Risk Management and PADI Standards: Year in Review miniseminars, along with two additional presentations, PADI Members can regain Teaching status after not renewing for one to three years. To gain seminar credits toward the PADI Master Instructor rating or Course Director Training Course application, PADI Members receive one credit for every three PADI Miniseminars attended. Attendance validation is required for credit, and forms will be available at the seminars.

Risk Management: Are You Prepared to Make Tough Decisions? (Required for credit.)

Determine how prepared you are at making tough decisions by analyzing actual dive incidents and prioritizing what is most important: diver safety. You’ll learn to manage risk in diver education programs and throughout your dive business by recognizing it, ranking the issues, implementing a response, and evaluating the outcome for future consideration. Learn how to “Think Like a Risk Management Professional.”

PADI Standards: Year in Review (Required for credit.)

Attend this informational miniseminar to review some of the standard changes that affect your daily teaching. You’ll also get answers to commonly asked questions and learn how to stay current with all the latest training news.


PADI Course Director is the ultimate PADI Professional rating. Attend this miniseminar to learn how you can reach this goal and learn about the prerequisites, application procedures and acceptance protocols for the Course Director Training Course (CDTC).

Business of Diving – Increase Your Open Water Diver Course Conversions

Learn how to leverage the new Discover Scuba Diver eLearning program to build an interest list of potential divers, and the best tips on closing the sale to Open Water Diver. Whether you’re in a retail or resort market, this miniseminar will give examples to take home and apply the next day.

Business of Diving – Increase Your ConEd Conversions

Creating better divers is not just a good idea to increase your bottom line, it’s also a way to keep divers engaged and ultimately create ocean stewards who respect and care for the underwater world. You’ll want to write down these tips on how to leverage PADI courses and specialties to keep divers coming back for more.

Business of Diving – Instructor Development Techniques

Today’s new divers are tomorrow’s dive pros. Learn how to motivate divers to step up and join the ranks of PADI Professionals who are truly living the dream and making a difference. Get tips for turning pro-level courses into life-changing experiences that prepare candidates for their roles as dive leaders.

Explore PADI’s Newest Digital Tools and Enhancements

PADI Member benefits are constantly growing with new product expansions, business and marketing benefits, tools and resources to support your dive business and training initiatives. Learn how to make the most of these new benefits including the Dive Shop Locator, updated technical and Public Safety Diver programs, your new Pros’ Site dashboard and Marketing Hub, and more!

What’s New with PADI® TecRec®?

PADI Tec 40, 45 and 50 get an update and go digital. Attend to learn what you need to know about the updates, and how can you expand your course offerings to tap in to the growing technical diving market.

Preventing Groupthink in Tec Diving

Groupthink is a social dynamic in which group decisions become inflexible due to prioritizing group harmony over making the best choices or considering options. If the group decision is poor, it is difficult to change, which can be very unfortunate in diving in general, and tec diving in particular. This miniseminar explores what researchers have learned about groupthink and several ways dive teams, groups and leaders can avoid.

Public Safety Diver and Advanced Public Safety Diver – What’s New?

Public Safety Diver has gone digital; not only that, the Advanced Public Safety Diver course is also available. Come learn about the newly revised and expanded courses, and how you can get involved.

Your Resource Pool Just Got Deeper – Dive in to the Pros’ Site

With so many features and tools at your fingertips, discover how to leverage the new homepage dashboard and expanded marketing resource hub. Dive deeper into the features, benefits and tools you have to grow and keep your business thriving.

Top Four Marketing Channels You Need to Grow Your Business

According to a recent survey, PADI Members reported the top four communication channels they used to drive traffic are: website, social media, email and online ads. In this miniseminar, you’ll learn the top five tips to help you optimize each of these channels.

How to Drive More Diver Engagement and Revenue with PADI Club Members

PADI Club offers you an opportunity to create a new revenue stream, and bring engaged and active divers into your businesses. Studies show that PADI Club divers spend more on equipment and take more dives annually than their non-Club peers. Help create a community of divers who use your dive center as an activity hub instead of just another retail store.

Increase Your Exposure Using These Three PADI Platforms

The PADI Adventures app is the industry’s leading app for booking dive activities 24/7. Learn how to add your courses, “save the ocean” events or dive trips to the app, and fill your classes or boats for sustained growth. You will also learn how PADI Dive Guidesä can increase your exposure and drive more divers through your Dive Shop Locator listing.

Mission Hubs and the Business of Conservation – Do Well by Doing Good

Learn how you can increase your baseline and profitability using conservation as a focus point and increasing customer interest. PADI AWARE courses and citizen-science programs are great tools to inspire divers to foster a better relationship between humanity and the ocean, and to provide a secure and steady revenue stream for any dive business.

Adopt the Blue Program

The PADI AWARE Foundation’s flagship program is set up to be the driving force to take the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Conservation forward. Get an in-depth look at the details of the program. Learn how you can advance your conservation efforts by joining forces with the biggest citizen science and environmental education programs in the world, leveraging the power of Ocean Torchbearers working toward the same goal.

The Green Fins Digital Hub

Discover the Green Fins Digital Hub and why you should get involved. Become a Green Fins Digital Member and join a community of Dive Centers and Resorts committing to continual improvement in environmental performance. The first step in saving the ocean is reducing our impact as divers on the reef. Join Reef-World Foundation Director Chloe Harvey for a session all about the Hub and the tools available including a solutions library, action plan tracker and global forum for collaboration!

EFR Instructor Update

Review some important changes made to EFR course standards and conduct recommendations. Get a look at new products and materials and discuss considerations for EFR marketing. This update also reveals future developments, distinctive specialties and other key program opportunities.

TecRec Instructor Update

This seminar details the various changes made to PADI TecRec course standards and conduct recommendations, including the Tec Diver, Tec Trimix, Tec Sidemount, Tec CCR Diver courses, as well as some TecRec Distinctive Specialties. This update also looks at future plans, course linking, marketing and other important logistical options.

Freediver Instructor Update

Go over important updates regarding the PADI Freediver courses as well as related standards and conduct recommendations. Learn about program marketing and material considerations along with future developments, distinctive specialties and other key program opportunities

Mermaid Instructor Update

Review what’s new with PADI Mermaid courses along with related standards and conduct considerations. Discuss marketing opportunities and making the most of PADI Mermaid eLearning offerings. Also look at future developments, distinctive specialties and other important program opportunities.

Grow Your Business with Niche Markets

Learn how to successfully leverage opportunities within niche diving markets to increase your training, travel and sales opportunities. Also discover how the PADI TecRec, Public Safety Diver, Freediver, Mermaid, and Adaptive Techniques programs can help you grow and expand your business in big ways!

PADI Swim School: Innovating to Grow Your Scuba Business

Expand your scuba operations by bringing new swimmers and their families into your business. Explore cross-marketing opportunities, the benefits of becoming known as your community’s drowning prevention expert, and learn about the unique “Swim Prep for Scuba” course.

Stay and Play with PADI at the Rosen Centre Hotel

Book your room at the Rosen Centre for DEMA Show 2022, just across the street from the Orange County Convention Center. Room rates start at $215* US (plus tax and resort fee).

PADI programs such as the Course Director Update, Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer course, and the PADI Social will take place in the Rosen Centre, so you’ll be staying in the center of the action.

*Rates subject to change without notice.

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