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Straight Talk from PADI CEO: Comments Directly from Student Divers Tell Us You Exceed Expectations

April’s Straight Talk discussed the exceptional 95-97% satisfaction rating that PADI Divers give PADI Pros globally, and how your professionalism is central to transforming students into divers and Ocean Torchbearers – people with a heart for underwater adventure and saving the seas. Such approval numbers are useful for objectively analyzing how we’re doing, so they’re important. But statistics lack the actual voice, heart and feeling; for that we have to go to what your divers tell the PADI organization in their own words:

My instructor was absolutely incredible! Please make sure he is recognized for his exceptional explanation, training and also for the amazing experience I had!
My instructor was very good and professional, he handled problems very well, I learnt a lot from him.
My dive instructor handled the course very professionally, felt very safe while undergoing the course and also enjoyed it immensely. The dive shop is a really professional dive center and stick to the operation and safety standards of PADI.
Perfect instructor! Highly recommendable.
I must add, my instructor and the team at their dive center were amazing and did a fantastic job not only for my PADI certification, but did excellent dives at some lovely dive sites as well.
I can’t recommend [my instructor] any more [than I do now]. He was a fantastic teacher and it was an amazing experience.
[My instructor] was an unreal instructor! She made everything so easy and fun!
Really enjoyed the course, professional and thorough instructors who made it a pleasure to learn from them and also made our time in the open water stress free.
[My instructor] is a really good and thorough instructor and I had a pleasure learning from him.
Best experience I’ve ever had, kudos to all the professional divers who came along with us and encouraged.
Super fun and it felt safe.
Tim was a very professional diving instructor.
Great training and experience.
Instruction was clear, made enjoyable. I’d recommend [this dive center] to anyone.
One of the greatest teaching experiences I’ve received to date. Getting training from this instructor was an honor. I will complete my instructor certification with them after my divemaster training next week.
My instructor was amazing and very calming.
My instructor is a very good mentor, he was able to demonstrate every skill perfectly and I know he is also a good role model in the diving center.
Excellent course and very professional instructor.
Great course. Very professional instructor. I feel well equips to dive safely with nitrox.
It was a great course. The instructor was very professional and added a lot of clarity what to do when and where.
Alles super – ein Dankeschön. [Everything was great – thanks.]
Our PADI Professional was knowledgeable and patient with us. I definitely recommend this company.
I felt comfortable and safe while learning with my instructor, and have now found a new passion thanks to the teaching I had.
[My instructor] was absolutely a great individual, so approachable and briefings and debriefing were on point. The equipment/support staff instructor and the whole set up was a memorable experience and had a wonderful time, their hospitality was out of the world.
Had a really great experience. The trainers were really friendly, helpful and supportive.
Dive was great, instructors all incredibly patient and fun!
[My instructor] was excellent and went over a lot of theory and questions with me providing me with regular feedback. It was a one-to-one course.
Die beste Tauchlehrerin. [The best instructor.]
My first dive was amazing and I believe it was largely due to the professionalism of the operator and instructor.
Both my instructors imparted the training and lessons with utmost sincerity and commitment. They were highly proficient in training and teaching me the skills. They were extremely patient, disciplined and extremely knowledgeable.
Beautiful experience!

The RHQs receive hundreds of thousands of these words of praise annually, in every major language. And increasingly, they reflect how the diver training experience is evolving in the past few years, particularly with respect to elearning:

Well-run e-course, and I enjoyed the practical hands-on learning through the dives.
Great course – the online learning is great to refresh with, have background and context and learning. It’s an excellent resource.
The whole family did the course – we all loved it and felt safe and well trained. Thank you PADI!

Even without an eLearning mention, the vast majority of compliments now come from PADI eLearners. Just five years ago, less than one-third of PADI Divers used elearning for knowledge development, but today it’s at two-thirds and rising. And note that coupled with this evolution, global diver certifications are up more than 30 percent over 2021, with a growing number of regions approaching prepandemic levels and a few already actually ahead of them.

The PADI organization remains committed to be a rising, powerful force restoring humanity’s balance with the seas and transforming lives through diving. Your professionalism is central to successfully bringing new divers and Ocean Torchbearers into our fold, and bringing the world the healing power of diving – something we all need.

Thank you for your commitment to a preferred future with divers exploring healthy seas, and thank you for your loyalty to the PADI organization. Your professional is vital, highly appreciated, and it is noticed.

Drew Richardson
PADI CEO and President

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