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Nerd Alert: Erin Quigley on Lightroom Warning

Erin Quigley of GoAskErin has posted recently about the warning that is popping up when Mac users attempt to open a RAW image from Lightroom into Photoshop. She reassures us that the warning is simply a programming error on Adobe’s behalf, and users should simply select the “Open Anyway” option.

Erin’s post:


If you’re a Mac user that keeps getting this annoying message whenever you try to open a RAW image into Photoshop, never fear. Adobe released an ACR 14.4.1 bug fix for Windows, but no 14.4.1 ACR update exists for Mac. It’s sloppy programming from Adobe that requires Mac users to deal with this message, but since there’s no ACR bug to be fixed for Mac, just ignore the message, and choose “Open Anyway”. I don’t want to look at that particular message again, so I’m also going to tick the “Don’t show again” checkbox.

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