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DeepSpot approved as an open water site

We are happy to announce that Deepspot ( was recognized by PADI as the open water site. This allows PADI Professionals to conduct open water dives from all level of courses in Deepspot. It is still to Instructor discretion to choose which dives they choose to perform in Deepspot.

This decision was made after detailed process of reviews and assessments made over several months. Review process included:

Evaluation of the facility and its features
Comparison of training quality and outcome between Deepspot and other open water sites
Reviewing PADI Instructors training activity in Deepspot using existing standards for artificial indoor dive sites
Field testing and simulations of the open water training dives for different levels of PADI

This process assured that conducting open water portion of PADI courses can be made in Deepspot without compromising quality of training and safety.

Check how Deepspot looks like:

More information on Deepspot:

Water volume of 8 mln liters (8.000 cubic meters) – 4 times bigger then Olympic pool
Surface dimension 20 x 25 meters + entrances via stairs
Tube on the bottom of main tank – 45 meters – diameter 7 meters
Main tank dimension – 20 x 13 meters + 7 meters cavern system with different platforms on top of it (12 meters, 6meters, 3 meters)
Bottom simulates tropical water conditions with no sediment on the bottom (20 meters) with a 6 meters wreck, 2 x 2 m pinnacle (up to 10 meters), big platform (6 x 6 meters on 17 meters with swim thru under it, tube entrance allowing to swim on top of greater depth while maintaining neutral buoyancy, several access points to cavern system on the wall
6 meters wreck on 20 meters with 1 access point
Different access points: walk-in (stairs),  slide-in (shallow and deep), giant stride (deep), rubber boat (back roll)
Descents: contour of depth descent (1.5 – 20 meters thru different platforms), buoys with descent lines on 5, 12 , 17, 20, 30, 40, 45 meters
Multiple platforms hanging on the walls of the pool to simulate natural environment
Cavern type with swim-thru options
1 level – 12 meters (2 horizontal entrances / exits, 3 vertical, air pocket on 6 meters – entire space)
2 level – 14 meters (1 horizontal entrances / exits, 2 vertical)
3 level 17 meters (3 horizontal entrances / exits, 2 vertical, air pocket on 15 meters)
4 level 20 meters (1 horizontal entrances / exits , 3 vertical)   

Artificial current – depth of 6 meters, we are able to simulate from light to strong current
Underwater tunnel going thru entire pool allowing to hover next to it, swim under and on top of it
Wide area around the pool (“beach) to simulate before and after the dive conditions (equipment assembly and briefing areas), different entrance and exit points
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