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PADI’s Live Unfiltered Campaign Puts Spotlight on Conservation with #NatureUnfiltered

In the month of September to coincide with AWARE Week, PADI’s Live Unfiltered campaign is turning its focus to ocean change and marine conservation. New diver acquisition is the main goal of the Live Unfiltered campaign, and ocean change is the ideal way to attract a younger generation to diving, thus filling the pipeline for scuba instruction, dive travel, equipment sales and events.

Recognizing that industry growth is critical for dive businesses and dive professionals, we are reframing the way we discuss learning to dive for the first part of September, encouraging divers to get their PADI in order to help save the ocean. This off-shoot of our bold new marketing campaign aims to reach beyond the dive industry to fuel a desire for diving among everyone who wants to save the ocean.

Attracting Ocean Lovers & Conservationists to Become Divers

75% of young people suffer from a term called “Eco-Anxiety”. They fear for the future of the environment, and they want to make a difference. Our Live Unfiltered conservation push in September, which will use the term ‘Nature Unfiltered’, will increase PADI scuba diving’s visibility in new markets pertaining to ocean change through highly relevant topics to today’s youth. We’ll primarily target audiences between 19 and 26 years old, and the campaign will continue to encourage people to “Get Your PADI” in order to help save the ocean. We plan to share our membership’s collective passion for creating ocean change by making the wonders of the underwater world available to all. Inspirational conservation stories will reveal how becoming a diver can help each and every one of us make a difference to the ocean.

For example, we’ll show that PADI Ambassadivers are committed to elevating diving in their communities and across the planet. Ambassadiver Alannah Vellacott didn’t realize when she took her PADI Open Water Course what a profound effect it would have on her life and her future as a marine researcher:

“Inspired by my 9th grade math teacher, I became an Open Water Diver at 13 years old. I thought it would be a cool hobby and another way to explore the ocean that I loved. However, I had no idea how great of an impact scuba diving would have on my future career in marine research and marine exploration. Through the simple act of learning to scuba dive, I am able to restore dying coral reefs, gather data that can protect shark species, and explore the greatest but closest unknown, our ocean.”

Unprecedented Investment to Generate an Unprecedented Conservation Movement

Live Unfiltered represents PADI’s largest new diver acquisition campaign investment to-date. Working closely with global and regional PADI staff, this campaign is being executed globally, and with regional customization to ensure relevance among local audiences. The spotlight on conservation hopes to create a movement of new divers who are ready to help save the ocean by attending local events, getting conservation-related certifications and spreading the word on social media.

PADI Members Can Help Put a Spotlight on Conservation & Live Unfiltered

This campaign was designed to be applied to all facets of new diver acquisition, including at the local dive shop level. There are so many ways you can use this campaign to your benefit.

Leverage the Live Unfiltered Campaign Assets

A new Diver Acquisition Marketing Toolkit featuring Unfiltered campaign assets is now available in the new PADI Marketing Hub at the PADI Pros’ Site. Currently available in English, German, Spanish (Latin America) and Thai, additional toolkit languages and more conservation content will be added as we get closer to September.

Contact your PADI Regional Marketing Team for more information regarding the toolkit.

Share on Social

If you are involved in any marine conservation efforts, post them on social media using the #LiveUnfiltered and #OceanChange hashtags to help raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and protecting them.

We know that there are so many scuba divers out there who are doing amazing things to preserve the future of the world’s oceans. Share your story or the stories of the divers you train on your social accounts. Be sure to tag PADI so we can get inspired, too.

No story is too big or too small because it’s all of our joint efforts combined that will drive the way toward ocean change in the future!

Stay tuned for more information and updates about this new and exciting campaign!

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